Author Topic: Update: got my skull mapped out and we were right!  (Read 476 times)


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Update: got my skull mapped out and we were right!
« on: October 10, 2017, 07:02:07 pm »
Hey! Okay, it was a two hour long appointment and amazing. The dentist is not Orthotropic based, and does practice traditional, but does understand many important issues regarding palette, airway, and teeth - hence the first patient appointment is two hours long (no cleaning!)

We (forum here and elsewhere) theorized that I:

- Have asymmetry

- Narrow palette

Those are both pretty correct! My skull's airway is narrowed at the front and not too much at the back (zooming into tissue and seeing it is bizarre!)

My palette width is 31.25"

The skull? My entire skull is asymmetrical... it looks a little twisted and happened only in past five years.

When I told this dentist about my procedures (removed k-9, wisdom extraction, braces full for 4.5 years) a look of pity and sighing came out - he knew it wasn't the course he probably would have taken...

We are focusing on oral health, and happily my recession actually improved! I use the Bass toothbrush and oil from Orawelness - it's a clove mix with other things...

He's concerned to widen my palette with a device, because as he's said I've had "a lot of modification"... but he understands.

Afer hearing Dr. Mew on the Q&A, I'm more motivated than ever to just keep pushing up (just keep pushing, just keep pushing) and get a "chewie" - because I do have TMJ, spinal problems, headaches, etc...

He does think maybe it isn't Wild to wonder if my asymmetry is shifting the entire rest of the body - because NO one knows why at my age I've got spinal problems (Degenerative Disc Disease and Bulging Disc) without any accident ever occurring....

Just wanted to give you an update. If you live in Oregon / Washington the dentists name is Dr. Blodgett 🙂

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