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Temporary Teeth Choices
« on: October 23, 2013, 08:16:33 pm »
There are a couple of options for those with maybe missing teeth, or a crappy smile, while doing these other therapies.

I want to have Stem Cell teeth eventually, if that is ever allowed.  I just like the REAL thing.  Nothing beats the real thing, of course, but these can be worn while working on regenerating and nourishing existing teeth, with silica, minerals, fermented cod liver oil, and ghee (raw butter oil)

Press on Veeners.  Do NOT need to go to the dentist...


There are other veeners that are good too, and WITHOUT drilling the teeth to nubs.  Called Lumineers, and those go over each individual tooth.  These can be removed, if needed, but will stay on better.

To fill in ONE gap maybe, perhaps Temp Tooth will be good enough for most people.

Temp Tooth is also available from Amazon...

Temptooth Do It Yourself Tooth Replacement Product

Imako Cosmetic Teeth...

This is the stem cell teeth tech, by the way....
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