Author Topic: Mewing is legit - despite my retainers  (Read 761 times)


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Mewing is legit - despite my retainers
« on: April 07, 2018, 08:36:45 am »
So, I just wanted to post here (if you check my post history it was maybe a year ago I posted iirc) and say that Mewing has worked despite my retainers, which I thought would prevent any possible gains. I still have a less wider palate than I'd like but my cheekbones and jaw are very prominent, as well as an improvement in the eye area (due to better bone support).

I don't follow my regimen religiously anymore (supplements, MK-677 etc) but I have still gotten very good gains.

Now my only question is if I should perhaps take the retainer out and get a palate expander to achieve the best final results?

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