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Need help with options
« on: April 13, 2018, 01:46:31 am »
Hello. I am 22 M. I have been mouth breathing since i was pretty much born. My maxilla is about 15 mm downswing (if im right). My chin is about 3 fingers(47 mm) behind the forehead ideal profile. For 47 MM, i put ruler on front of my glabella and made straight line and see how much behind is the chin. Its 47 mm and it is recessed. I had 4 extractions at 18 and at 20 i found i should not have extracted. and stopped the treatment midway.

Now my right side of upper palate has 3mm open space while left side has 1mm open space(from where teeth was extracted). I have noticed my forehead change a bit with mewing it started protuding before it was straight line. Could say it is prominent. Also, I think mewing has made some changes because i can see some dimples on my right side(3mm open space) I've never had dimples before. I have small bro he has dimples. So i think it is making some change and trying to move into the natural order (hence dimples appear a bit but not prominent). Also my left side is a bit more downswung than other side. I am thinking of looking into ALF to expand. But in Hong Kong there is no orthotropic doctor so i will have to go to other country for treatment. I have found a job and plan to go and get myself treated because i heard the younger u are the better it is. my upper palate is around 36mm and lower is 30 mm(intermolar). I am thinking of facepulling but i think it would be better to do NCR and just mew first and facepull after getting expansion treatment but i think it may be counterproductive to wait because expansion may take years and if those years include facepulling the result may be really good. I want to expand to 45mm if possible.

I try to mew as much i can but i think my palate is too narrow and smalll to mew consistently. I feel force 1 side of my face. sometimes right but sometimes left.

I also have breathing problem sometimes. Especially winter when the air is dry its much harder to breathe.

I am chewing as much as i can and trying to push maxilla up. (15mm to go)

Can anyone please give me suggestions about my option? Also i would appreciate if someone send me NCR self guide. Please give me help i would really appreciate. I do not earn a lot i can not make a lot of trips like 3-4 per month.

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