Author Topic: how to fix asymmetrical cheekbones  (Read 1810 times)


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Re: how to fix asymmetrical cheekbones
« Reply #15 on: September 01, 2017, 06:10:43 am »
i have an issue too.i dislocated my right shoulder 5 years ago and ever since the doctors put it back in my right shoulder is more forward than the right side of my face is more recessed right face side was recessed before i suffered the dislocation so i don't know if it's correlated but the injury definitely won't help in getting my face symmetrical

Try this:
1. Tense your core from hips to upper chest
2. Without allowing your spine to rotate, push & bend one shoulder to one directional extreme and the other shoulder to the opposite directional extreme.
3. While maintaining the tension created by the shoulders moving to opposite directions, start rotating your shoulders in circles. For the whole circular movement keep the shoulders in their maximum range of motion at 180 degrees from each other, and try to maintain static amount of resistance through the rotation (which you won't be able to do at first if the shoulders are in a state of imbalance).