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Re: how to fix asymmetrical cheekbones
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Play nice, Progress! You are usually very kind to everyone

That much is true my friend, I am a particularly virtuous and self-aware human being. I enjoy sharing with others some nuggets of the information I happen to find and synthesize through practical experience into verified knowledge, all while I am merely trying to make my own interaction with the surrounding subjective reality more convenient.

In spite of this, I have little patience for anyone attempting to present broad binary statements as unexceptionable facts while shouting it all from behind a false sense of authority of a company selling trademarked products, as if reaching such conceptually trivial milestone would be enough to guarantee that precisely their empirically derived subjective perspective on the objective human anatomy is so intellectually superior and socially righteous that basically no one would feel the need to wonder about the validity of their claims.

If you believe you are worthy of respect, you can approach as yourself, on your own behalf. Your identity is not the company you're representing. You are you, with your individual reasoning. You are deluding yourself if you believe that it's possible to get away with a lack of effective argumentation as long as the staments you are making are inside the supposed area of expertise of the company you're representing. That may be how the cogs of the society work in the real world you're familiar with. But whereas the real world is a reality of fundamental inequality where ideas are judged differently depending on who presents them, the internet is a level ground where only the quality of your contribution determines the worth of your presence.

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