Author Topic: how to fix asymmetrical cheekbones  (Read 1946 times)


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Re: how to fix asymmetrical cheekbones
« on: March 11, 2017, 03:52:50 am »
I use Facerobics on YouTube by Peet's - it's free, with great reviews. Been doing it for a few months, and my muscles are a lot stronger. But it takes a long time to change. The series is many levels with a lot of education before getting into it.
Thanks for the recommendation. :) So you do support the idea that facial excersises will help with the upper jaw movement?

this is the result (of the pic) of a clinic that uses tongue activators 6 months (I mean... 6 months, wow..):
Correct me if I am wrong, but hasnt her face gotten a lot longer? Something we would like to avoid? Now I know that fixing the jaws could result in a bit longer face, because it gets unlocked, but here it looks much more than that. Could please also explain me what those tongue activators do and how they work and what is their purpose and influence to the tongue exactly? :)
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