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Re: how to fix asymmetrical cheekbones
« on: March 10, 2017, 04:04:28 pm »
I thought you people gave up on the belt facepulling? After reading about so many people who had done some pretty bad damage to their faces, although I really wanted to try it in the beginning too, I thought its pretty risky. After checking here and there I only managed to find two testimonials and the pictures of both people had reasons to look fake. I dont know if you have noticed, but absolutely everyone who has done some pulling method has a huge asymmetry. After reading some time ago about the importance of facial symmetry to facial beauty,  I immidiately started to notice the asymmetry of people I have known for a long a time, but noticed it just now, because it was something I expected to see and the other thing is that many people, uhm how to say it, sunk their teeth into their gums? with that method. Last days I fell upon facial exercises to tighten the skin, and there were testimonials of several people and I could bet that everybody had reduced his vertical growth and their upper jaw had gone forward, even showed it to a friend and he agreed. So I was thinking, Mike Mew spoke a lot about the importance of the proper use of facial muscles and their help to facial development. The example of Stephen Hawking and his weaking of the muscles resulting in melting of his face got me thinking that those facial exercises could be really beneficial. Some might be like "duh, that is why we strengthen the masseter and all", but here I am not talking just about the mewing and the masseter, I am talking about all muscles, even those at the back of your head, so everything pulls together for great results.  At this other forum there was this guy who mewed for a year, everyday with hours and the results were super amazing(age 20 by the way, I know u want to know), almost like that belt facepulling, minus the asymmetry and the upper jaw could use a little more forward movement, but his mandibula got super unlocked. On the "how to achieve facial growth" or sth like that utube video of mike mew there was this dude who claimed amazing results by constantly pushing with the tongue, (also around 19 years of age). Ive come this past 2-3 days to realise that unless ur body and head position is as proper as it can be, your tongue will get tired really fast and u would be able to push only for short periods, but with proper body and head position and  with time, it gets easier. So, to sum up:

1. Facial exercises to pull the whole skin, which pulls the jaw too(not yet tested, but from all pictures seen, I am almost certain it yields awesome results for no time)  That dude is the one who really really got me in the idea, that it will work, look at the vertical growth in the beginning, look in the end, plus u might check out other people there, because I am almost sure that that is the case.

2. Mewing, hard gum, for several hours a day - unwanted result is temporalis muscle hypertrophy, but not that much of a worry in my opinion, that or/plus ->

3. Pushing with the tongue hard, with absolute proper body and head position as long as you can.

Nothing new in the end really except the facial exercises, but I wanted to share them, because I think they are game-changer, plus I wanted to hear opinions on that and views. I think that this is better than the risky belt facepulling method and is what suggest.

And to add to the question, because I didnt say anything about it, many people who did the facial exercises reported fixing of the asymmetry in the cheeks and I dont really think it is because of the change in the muscles, more likely I think it is because it had impact on the jaw. Thing about those exercises is 1. that you must NEVER spot train, you should do for the whole face 2. dont make risks by combining from different people's exercises 3. it is hard to find really the proper ones for you and which will also support my idea 4. aaand also the guides usually cost money, although I consider buying the one I gave a link to above
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