Author Topic: Holistic, Orthotropic Aware Dentist for 41.00 a month!!! I am going :)  (Read 327 times)


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Okay anyone that's known my story probably won't be shocked knowing I'm 1) been through dental HELL 2) low income - like getting out of homelessness and living in a trailer...

So going to any dentist seemed impossible that "got" this stuff. But I googled a natural dentist, and found Dr. Bloggett in Portland, OR.

Here's some highlights from the conversation.

- 149.00 initial appointment and 41.00 a month (they do their own office insurance plan with annual exams)
- 2 hour consultation to holistically evauate entire body, mouth, etc.
- Use of state of the art machines, not x-rays, no mercury, etc.

The receptionist knew all about Orthotropics, appliances, and sounded so "yes, of course you know what's up" about all of it. Their all about holistically helping!

My appointment is in 2 months, and I am going to let you guys know my evaluation, experience, etc. but if anyone is local I highly recommend giving them a call to see if it's helpful!

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Wow!  :o This is where I live!
Any word about the efficacy of their practice? I'm going to have to schedule an appt.