Author Topic: FORWARD FACIAL GROWTH IN ADULTS IS NOW BEING ACHIEVED (New Technique)  (Read 2397 times)


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Hi everyone

I thought I'd let you know about an appliance and accompanying technique that is being used to gain 6-8mm of forward growth of the maxilla, INCLUDING the rear molars. The growth doesn't just occur in a forward direction either, but seems to expand the entire bone structure of the face and skull.

The technique is starting to be explored more in the mainstream through the LVI (Las Vegas Institute) training facility, as well as with some Australian dentists. I believe the appliance they use (FAGGA appliance: Fixed Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance), as well as the braces system (Controlled Arch) originates with the US dentist Steve Galella though.

Here's a case study out of Australia which details the process.

I created a GIF to show her before and after growth.

We may well be on the precipice of some big breakthroughs in the world of facial growth aesthetics. Interesting times.
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I have one installed now and I'm getting about 2mm a month of growth. The mandible is moving along with it which is decompressing my TMJ joints and opening up the airways. Ive got sleep apnea as well so all this should help.


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Who is your doctor for this?  That sounds like fast progress! 
do you get any headaches with this treatment?  Any cranial problems?