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I recently came to realize how underutilized my incisors and canines are when chewing. Back in the paleolithic days we used to use our incisors to tear off the flesh of animals before we would  move the food to the back of the mouth and begin chewing it with the molars. Now, in the present day we use forks and knives to do the work of our incisors for us.

A theory that I recently have been toying with is that the incisors need to be utilized when chewing to promote optimal facial growth. You can put food into the front of the mouth when chewing, but I don't feel it has the same effect as it does when you use the incisors to tear into something big. If you tear into something big you are utilizing your Jaw's full range of motion, but when you move food to the front of your mouth to chew your not really using full range of motion. Your mouth movement will be restricted by what you can maintain in your mouth.

I recently have been chewing on a rolled up towel. Its a great jaw exercise and it really emulates the effects of using the incisors to tear into something. While chewing, I'll even incorporate some face pulling while my bite is closed down on the towel and will pull in a forward/upward motion. I notice similar effects as when I use the mouth guard and shoe lace technique pulling technique.

Do you guys think its logical? I haven't been trying it long enough to have definitive before and afters, but I definitely feel it and will continue doing it because it seems to make a lot of sense to me.

Gucci Gang:
Hmmm, you do got a point.

Nowadays we barely even use our front teeth, when would have alot a long time ago.

It way have a role in further bringing out the maxilla.

Have you experienced any changes or results? I might start doing this.

I've found that biting down with my mouth full of a sturdy cloth with a focus on biting with the incisors has helped improve my gonial angle. My lower jaw is pretty retruded and doing this method naturally forces me to bring forward my lower jaw forward while putting the muscles under tension.

This should help if your mandible is retruded as well as if your maxilla is retruded.

I've also found that by jutting my lower jaw forward like kobe in this image the tongue will have more room to be placed on the roof of the mouth because my mandible will be in a more forward position, forcing my maxilla to play catch-up.

You will lose support from your jaw if you do that position.

Not good.

Causing face lengthening. I did it for years because I didn't like my "natural" look (overbite). Problem only got worse, and now I have to face it (lol, face it)
I accepted my look... nevertheless, mewing and braces are helping a lot, the problem is getting fixed soon. Thanks God, It's been a long time.

Yeah, thanks for the input. I should put in my signature: warning, I am not a doctor and I do not really know what I'm talking about.

However, I have found benefit from doing this position, as it makes it easier to push my tongue up on the roof of my mouth(mostly just the front part of the tongue as I don't think I can fit the posterior portion on there yet). I did have orthodontics that pretty severely retracted my face, so that may be why I find it beneficial to do this.

I am considering seeing an orthodontist about alf though.


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