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Re: Chewing with Incisors
« on: June 12, 2016, 09:16:54 pm »
Hi Gucci, sorry for the late response. I wanted to give myself some time to see results before I posted again.

Your probably right about the jaw jutting, and I've stopped doing it.

However, as I continue to do the face pulling with a towel I notice that my bite is somewhat naturally assuming that jaw jutting position, but not in an unnatural way like Kobe is doing in the picture.

I have noticed undeniable results so far from this method. More so than anything I've done in the past (tongue on roof, face yoga, etc.) Jaw is more prominent, cheek bones more prominent, and overall my face is more chiseled and defined.

I'm not just biting and pulling with the incisors either. I focus my bite on different parts of the mouth, like the molars or canines. The method is simple, just bite down on the towel really hard and pull forward and up. Pulling laterally seems to do something as well, although I'm still experimenting with it.

I'll do about 5 intervals of 3-5mins each 2x a week, as I believe its necessary to let the muscles recover before commencing with another workout. This is in line with bodybuilding principles that say that recovery is tantamount to achieving growth in between workouts.

Here's a like to a very popular thread on lookism where a guy is doing something very similar except he uses a belt.

The guy's before and afters are incredible. I probably won't be showing any B/A's cuz I'm shy like that, but I might in the future.  :P