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A Simple Nasal Balloon Procedure
« on: April 10, 2013, 05:11:16 pm »
As per a request by edae53, I am sharing my method of performing NCR at home. More accurately, it can be called a simple variation of bilateral nasal specific (BNS) because there is no bodywork involved, but the real meat and potatoes of the matter is the balloon expansion, so call it whatever you wish.

- - -

My procedure, so far, is simple.

To begin with, I attach a finger cot to a blood pressure bulb using a rubber band (be warned, it is tricky, and it might strain your patience!).

Afterward, I pump air into the balloon a couple of times to ensure that there are no leaks. You will need a blood pressure bulb that has a turning valve, which is used to release air from the balooon while it is in your nose.

After confirming that the finger cot will hold the air, I deflate it and begin to feed it into one of my nostrils. You will need a toothpick in order to feed it into one of the passages inside of the nostril which leads to the sphenoid bone. There are six of them, three stacked on top of each other, on each side of the nose. Presently, I am not aware of how each passage connects to each bone in the skull, however I presume that the lower passages will produce increased pressure on the lower-back portion of your skull (where the atlas bone is located), whereas higher passages will produce greater pressure on the top of your skull. I cannot say this with any certainty, though; it is simply my hypothesis.

Once the finger cot is resting inside one of the passages, I tighten the valve on the bulb, pinch my nostrils shut, and pump air slowly into the balloon. Before it slips into the top of my throat, I have noticed that I will feel pressure on my ears, though I am not positive whether this is the same as the 'popping' that I've heard about. When the balloon expands into the top of your throat, you might feel a bit scared like you are going to suffocate, but at this point you must simply turn the valve to release the air and relax your throat, and the balloon will deflate. In all situations, remain calm, and you will be fine.

I have been studying Dr. Howell's work, and he has proposed using many balloons attached to a single bulb in order to increase the pressure applied to the sephenoid bone. So far I have not been successful in doing so, as I find it to be quite cumbersome to attach even a single finger cot to the bulb, let alone many. I believe that it is by using multiple finger cots through which certified NCR doctors are able to achieve miraculous results. The results that I have achieved are nowhere near as stellar, and, presently, I am working only the bottom holes, as I have trouble locating the other ones.

In the future, I will begin to look at how my bones are positioned, in order to determine which parts of the skull I ought to expand first. My posture is somewhat bent to the left, for example, so it may be wise to apply more pressure to the right side of my face. As I understand, the purpose of balloon therapy is to obtain balance first and foremost, so I encourage you to look for imbalances to address.

I hope that this helps. Feel free to add your own comments, or improvements, on my simple form of the process. I have not figured out the most effective procedure yet, but once I am able to attach more than one finger cot to the blood pressure bulb, I sense that I will be well on my way!

Peaceful regards,


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Re: A Simple Nasal Balloon Procedure
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2013, 12:24:45 pm »
Thank you so much.  Do you do both sides and then how often.  Every day, etc?


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Re: A Simple Nasal Balloon Procedure
« Reply #2 on: April 12, 2013, 02:32:05 pm »
There was a point in time almost a year ago where I wrote about using two balloons. I've experimented with it for some time and it doesn't increase results, stick with 1 and you'll be safer.

I am going to take pictures of my progress here soon, after taking a 5 month break and starting up recently.

Before it slips into the top of my throat, I have noticed that I will feel pressure on my ears, though I am not positive whether this is the same as the 'popping' that I've heard about

You probably expand the balloon quite a lot in the turbinate, which pushes the turbinate up against the sphenoid/ethmoid bones. You can get release purely from expanding the balloon in the turbinate (that's what I did my first 2 months, without realizing it).

The popping is believed to be sudden release of connective tissues in various parts of the skull. You shouldn't get popping unless you use a lot of force like an NCR doctor, and I sure as hell do not encourage this.

Where to inflate the balloon can be counter-intuitive, but it's usually a good rule of thumb to follow those patterns of misalignment you're noticing, although an NCR doctor who subscribes to Howell's theories would say that you'll be relying on pure chance to find "the only correct" placement of the balloon.

I've found that there ARE better placements, but one correct placement? This doesn't seem to be the case. It seems there are better placements, and every go-round a couple bad ones, where, if you were to use a lot of force in that area you might spin yourself down regression road. But at this point it is all anecdotal theory propped up with a bit of body science.

Anyway, you have to understand Tyler that even if you or myself discovered the perfect, Golden technique which across all boards affected 100% of everybody the same way (and I can assure you no person on earth has discovered it because bodies aren't identical and this therapy in particular is affected by a LOT of body variables)... even if we expressed that technique perfectly through writing, there would still be a huge percentage of people who wouldn't be capable of following those instructions or guidelines. Lots of people would do weird, even dangerous things. Written communication is terrible when it comes to these things. I know this from experience working with people.

I would love to refine everything I've learned and distill it down into a better book, since I learn more every day... but I think this is like massage, you'd be crazy to learn it from a book.

It might be better to email people on the forum (it's displayed) if you want to work with them Tyler :] Nice of you though

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