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Re: A Focus on the Nose
« on: January 12, 2018, 12:15:12 pm »
Well, first of all good to see you joined the 'party'here. (i must say this "party" can always use some new members)
Anyway, good to hear you achieved results with improving your face using Dr Mew's techniques.

I myself had quite a decently big nose too which improved after doing 1 NRC session (with professional) which did absolutely nothing visible to change my facial features at that moment. However, the next day after the NCR I started doing the hockey helmet facepulling technique and within 2 days my girlfriend saw differences. They progressed for motnhs and months. i saw them too, but yeah if you only see it yourself it's not really that objective). I went on doing facepulling for about a year or so this way and especially in the beginning alot of progress was made. My face which was long became wider, eyes got a more positice calthal tilt and my nose became smaller AND smaller looking

Both my nose became smaller because
- My cheekbone area and maxilla came forward, in a way that took off that hard "edge" I had around my nose. It looks more refined now
- my face became wider, but not my nose, making my nose look smaller too in relative terms in comparison to the face

I personally do not think the problem of big noses lie in muscles at all, but only really in *bone* in most of the cases, and not in soft tissue, but I can ot say for sure because I can not see your face.

- Maybe you can tell me that in the areas where it feels big, does it feel like they're bones underneath the big areas or is it the soft tissue (the nosetip for exampleis soft tissue).
- Is it more too wide, too thick, too much pointing down, too long (downwards compared to the rest of your features)?
- Maybe you have a picture of some nose (and by preference face) on the internet that looks like your nose, which could give us (or me? ) a better idea of the type of problem with your nose
- how is your face shape overal? is it long and thin-ish?

I believe I've basically seen 2 type of problems where noses seem big

1.  A recessed maxilla (or - a recessed AND rotated maxilla)
2.  A lack of facial bone growth in your face overal, mostly in the lower regions (which is the result of too little growth cause of low related hormones such as HGH)

1.  So when the maxilla positioning is the problem,  there could be enough bone in your face, but it's not positioned well, which gives the appearance of a big nose, which will give a more longish head usually. The face bones*did* grow, but not in the right directions
2.  There is a lack of bones, which gives a relatively small head. The whole face did not grow as much. this gives the person a relative youngish babyface. The more faces grow under the influence of (male) hormones, the more the lower regions of the face grow, such as the chin and the jaws. The bigger they grow, the more they will balance out a big nose. A big nsoe on itself is hardly ever really the problem. It's often that the OTHER features of the face as the jaw and underside of the face did not grow enough to balance it out and make it look aestheticly pleasing

A third option could be that it's actually both. I think alot of people where their looks look off, have a bit of both. The thing is that if bones grow big enough, they sorta make up for some of the aesthetic problems that for example mouth breathing can give. For example, stuff like stroids make cheekbones grow, and all the facial bones. In men with big eyes, they will make the eyes smaller over time when the steroids are used, because the bones in all directions, so forward too. If you only have a lack of hormones, you get a typical babyface. On itself without any moutbreathing this does not look that bad. It will only make you look young and not tough and manly, but not that aestheticly unpleasing to the eye. More a bit gender neutral/youngish etc..

To come back to  your question, If there's anyone asking to try out some methods that might help, i'm always voting 'hell yeah'. We're a limited group of people here investing time in this subject, so any kind of information or self experimentation is more than welcome in my idea