Author Topic: A Couple of Questions Regarding Finger Cot Selection  (Read 573 times)


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Thanks for the suggestion, MessiahMews! $600 is much more feasible for me, considering my present situation! I'll give them a call on Tuesday, in order to learn the rib maneuver.

Despite my uncertainty, I think that Dr. Hillary's analysis is correct. I have not experienced any cracking, but I do feel the sensation of being underwater in my nose occasionally. In addition, I can observe subtle changes in the width of my face - mainly because the wrinkles, which would typically form around my lips when I smile, are no longer present. The change is very subtle because I suspect I carry a significant amount of tension in my skull, in addition to the fact that, as somebody who has endured many years of verbal abuse, I struggle to "relax" into these procedures. To that end, it seems that I am so accustomed to remaining vigilant that I cannot easily "imagine" my way toward something positive, such as a released cranium. In other words, I think that my psyche is fighting the process to a large degree...

One day we will be united again, though! It will eventually learn that I'm not its enemy, and I will remember not to fear its signals and messages, lol. I sense that my disconnect from / distrust toward my own psyche it is why I experience no sensation of relaxation or endorphin-rush from face-pulling, either, even though I am clearly yielding results... truly, the psyche is an incredibly powerful thing, which seems to be capable of superseding material force / physics!
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