Author Topic: A Couple of Questions Regarding Finger Cot Selection  (Read 552 times)


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Thank you for relating your experiences to me, guys. Even though I have not felt a satisfying crack yet, I continue to explore my options.

In response to your questions, Ben, I haven't experienced any soreness in my skull. I understand that this means I have not succeeded yet.

I have made approximately 30 individual attempts to expand the balloon against my sphenoid bone; yet, I have only briefly prevented the balloon from slipping down into my throat 6 times or so. In this six attempts, I managed to push a bit less than a single bulb's worth of air into the balloon before the pressure wins, and my held tongue / breath cannot hold it there any longer. I am beginning to strongly suspect that my throat cavity is small because of all of the pressure in my skull, so I have started to practice using two finger cots instead of one.

In a few days, I will update you on my progress to let you know if I have been able to succeed in releasing the initial brunt of resistance. In addition, I will do everything in my power to have a professional perform a single series for me because I sense that, once the initial pressure is "broken through", so to speak, future sessions will proceed with much greater ease. It is encouraging the bones to release the first time that seems to be the biggest challenge. Has anybody else found this observation to be true?