Author Topic: A Couple of Questions Regarding Finger Cot Selection  (Read 552 times)


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Agree with Walrus's reply.

A few questions:

Does your skull have a "gentle soreness", like when you lay down at night to sleep and press on your skull with your pillow, it's more sensitive than usual? This is an indication that the connective tissue is temporarily loose, which means your treatments were "effective", but you didn't get permanent results for any number of reasons.

How long have you been doing it? (how many treatments etc)

I started treatments using extremely thick, large Japanese finger cots made from a rubbery material. I didn't even inflate them all the way through the nasal passage, and I still got some results albeit slowly. When you get results, you'll notice. Like walrus said, there won't be any major question marks in your head, it'll be pretty clear by the look and feel of your face afterwards.

It's difficult for anyone to know how much pressure you're using and what you're feeling. Follow your intuition. Don't know how else to help but wish you the best Tyler