Author Topic: A Couple of Questions Regarding Finger Cot Selection  (Read 573 times)


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Hmm.  I'm sorry to hear you're having such difficulty Tyler.

I'm currently using large finger cots which I buy at London Drugs (I live in Canada)  by Pharmasystems (24 per box 8 s/m/l).  However, I initially had trouble getting the balloon through my turbinates, so maybe I have large nasal turbinates?  I'm an average sized guy at 5'11'' though.

Didn't CP (from also have similar problems with the balloon inflating into his throat?  Maybe try to contact him?

If you keep having problems, maybe it would be worthwhile to visit an NCR practitioner, just to get the ball rolling.  I know having to pay so much money sucks though.

Also, IME, when I first started it was very obvious for me that something had happened.  There was no doubt in my mind and I felt no need to convince myself.  This is in opposition to my previous FP attempts, in which nothing was really happening but I kind of convinced myself that it was. 

My point here is that IMO results are the best indicator of success.  If you're not sure if anything happened, then there's a good chance nothing happened.