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Cranial Restructuring / Is there a limit to how much jaw expansion you want?
« Last post by thebigbird on August 31, 2017, 09:44:28 am »
Whats the limit to jaw expansion? if you kept expanding both the upper and lower jaw would there eventually be a limit? is there any harm in over expanding if theres even such a thing?
Cranial Restructuring / Expansion from endonasal/NCR alone?
« Last post by Brosem1987 on August 30, 2017, 02:14:22 pm »
I was wondering if this is possible?

If I keep getting balloon adjustments is it possible to get expansion?

I don't mind paying money, and I don't care if my teeth turn crooked, I just would prefer to let a professional treat me instead of using a dental appliance on my own, that's why I'm curious. thanks
Cranial Restructuring / Re: NEW FORUM
« Last post by MeltedFace on August 29, 2017, 10:17:56 pm »
I joined :)
Cranial Restructuring / 9 (Almost) Months of Tongue Posture Only
« Last post by MeltedFace on August 29, 2017, 10:16:53 pm »
Any changes you see? Thanks!
Cranial Restructuring / Re: Ensuring Proper Growth In Children
« Last post by Tyler on August 29, 2017, 10:23:02 am »
The reason why not to worry about posture in children, by the way, is because children are rambunctious and do not have the patient or the natural will to hold their tongue against the roof of their mouth all day long. They are children, so they have other interests.

Proper nourishment will give them a very good development, far more than holding their tongue in a certain position could ever do.
Cranial Restructuring / Re: Ensuring Proper Growth In Children
« Last post by Tyler on August 29, 2017, 10:21:25 am »
Hi, please do not worry about posturing them into some uncomfortable pose. You may rob them of their childhood that way, just to give them an extra inch on their height.

I have developed very nicely now by my own efforts. Your child just requires complete nutrition, meaning some meat, vegetables, fruits, grains (cereal), herbs, and some dairy.

Make sure that the food is true, so American "cereal" brands =/= cereal. Real oats, flaxseed, and things of that nature that can be bought for much cheaper are real cereals. There's no need to shop in any "health food" section of any supermarket and buy expensive brands using symbols of Incans and Aztecs. Simple, rolled oats will fill the nutrition requirement and can be made into a vast variety of flavour combinations to delight any child. A bit of chocolate and sugar can even be added to make the oat cereal with dairy more palpitate at first, because chocolate and sugar are not poisons. Only their excessive consumption (which is common in the USA) leads to problems.

The rest you have to learn to discern for yourself. I just provided one guidance. Discerning what foods and drinks count as real fruit and real vegetable is up to you. But if, after a week, you still feel lost in all of the myriad of advertisement lies, then I'll tell you what to look for. I'm not withholding knowledge to be cruel here, only to help you to develop your discernment, since it is best to learn how to truly discern what is a valuable source of nourishment and what is just a facade and deception.

Yet also, the omega-3 fatty acids are vital for children (and adults) because they enable concentration and the ability to learn, among some other things. And they can be found mainly in unsaturated fat, such as from olive oil or flaxseed oil. But it has to be cold-pressed for some reason. I am not a scientist, but the Doctor informed me so.
Cranial Restructuring / Re: Palatal expansion and chewing question
« Last post by nicolettemala on August 29, 2017, 07:06:11 am »
Hey! Great commitment. Mike Mew says to turn 3 times a week, which is about the equivalent of 1mm..the maximum rate in which the tissue of the midpalatal suture can adapt.
Cranial Restructuring / Re: Active Expander Review
« Last post by nicolettemala on August 29, 2017, 07:02:16 am »
11x0.25= about 2.75mm of expansion for you? Does this seem to be about what happened?

Typically in treatment a patient undergoing lots of expansion will have to periodically have new expanders fitted. I was told by a professional that I needed 8+mm of expansion and that it may happen with one expander or I may need two. However many people have gotten 8+mm of expansion using only a single expander, so it is possible that the impressions that you sent in were not perfect and this resulting in slipping over time. I took impressions myself and then went and got impressions taken professionally at a dental office: The difference in resolution of the palate/teeth was MASSIVE with the material the dentist used compared to the impression material sent by BrShop.

Are you attempting to expand any further, or have you decided to stop as a result of the slipping? I am currently attempting to get in touch with dental labs to see if expanders can be made cheaply and locally, would you intend to continue expansion?

Also, because this forum has been abandoned by the owners and moderators I am hoping this community can shift to a new website:

I would greatly appreciate if you could post your review and the effects of the appliance there for other users who are either waiting to receive the expander or considering making an order.  I am hoping to archive a list of success stories as well as their rates of expansion/amount of expansion so that we aren't constantly losing research potential when users go away and delete posts.

Hello! Thanks for your response. Maybe it is the quality of the mold, but I honestly think it's the engineering. When my palette expands, it gains width and loses height..the mould itself does NOT lose height, so the lowering of my palate from stretching eventually comes at odds with the expanders original form. I do want to stretch more, I was planning on using up all of the turns but since I am gaining more width and the expander doesnt change, it has been pushing my front teeth forward (not visibly noticeable, but I can feel the back of my front tooth is exposed more, because there is a chip like feelings there.) I would like to get an expander that is simply the metal spanning from side to side, and not the plastic which is moulded to the exact form of your teeth and palate.I think it would allow more work to be done and effect your front teeth less.

I would love to move forward with that forum. Thank you for the link!
Cranial Restructuring / Re: Palatal expansion and chewing question
« Last post by ThaGangsta on August 28, 2017, 05:32:48 pm »
It is the one on, made from the expander screw and acrylic.  So the mouthpiece will be an expander as well as for a headgear attachment, which I will wear overnight.  Would you recommend setting the headgear to pull the maxilla at 54 degrees, as shown in the diagram with monkey test subjects (
Cranial Restructuring / Re: Palatal expansion and chewing question
« Last post by dadfa on August 28, 2017, 03:13:51 am »
May you please elaborate more about your homemade expander?
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