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I noticed that what you're writing is true too. It doesn't seem to be gigantic changes that make us look much more aesthetically beautiful; it's often just a slight shift or adjustment.

I noticed from my own recent pic (where I'm wearing a purple hoodie and holding a broom), that as of late my actual facial features are much the same as my very first pic (the old one in which I had orange hair). I noticed that my facial features have not strongly changed much, but simply my jaw and the overall proportional balance of my skull and so on did.

I'm not sure it is really even solely from face-pulling, but suspect it may just be because of my overall striving to cultivate my health, purify my body, and give it a lot of nutrients and so on. Plus, eating fibrous foods means I actually get a work out for my teeth, so I feel that this actually has been quite massively helpful  ;D
Yes actually, when I took that test, INFP is the result that I got. How did you discern that?
Hey Tyler,
I've not been on this forum for a while. I just wanted to say if you have problems with these photoshopped pics I posted here for comparison purposes, you can always send me a message (should get in my email) and I'll remove them .They remain your pictures of course.
Also I wanted to point out that while I was working on the adaptions of your and plato's improvement pics for making them more similar in colors and such for comparison purposes, although they now look more similar because of style, I have stared at them for quite some type while adapting the pictures. And although the change in a face may not be the most obvious to pinpoint, I did clearly see and still see a clear difference between the 2 pics. They're not big differences that alter a face so that it seems someone else, but when it comes to facial aesthetics seemingly small changes in a face can have quite a big effect on how aesthetic the face is perceived and thus 'is'. Most humans as a whole look somewhat similar, especially if they're the same (pure) race. it's the slighter changes that make the difference. Since you a good face already, it means that while you progress, the changes are not gonna be as huge as a face with an incredibly retrated maxilla for example that needs to be resolved. So in that sense, you're already in a "luxery position" of not having to deal with such a big problem.
If you're interested I can always try to make a comparison adaption again for your newer pic with some of the older ones who have the same angle of lights and same camera angle

By the way, I've lately became more interested in MBTI, and wondered if you're an INFP?

Related to your topic of calcium and such, I found it a huge concidence that I've not been on this forum for monthssss and today and yesterday I've been reading about magnesium/calcium and the problem of calcification (which possibly causes health issues as bad sleep etc etc). And for some reason I felt like going to this forum today and read that you were looking into a somewhat similar topic as well. I'd say what a coincidence (but my girlfriend would say "no, it's meant to be...its a sign!" However it may be, it's an interesting topic as well
Cranial Restructuring / The Great Work down for maintenance
« Last post by TheGreatWork on May 19, 2018, 01:22:37 pm »
Website is down for upgrades
Apologies, we didn't intend for it to go offline, but now it's going to be down for a while.
Estimated 24 more hours, we're working all day on this but we have to wait for two different companies to separately fix what they broke in our DNS and SSL lookups.
The website should be faster when everything comes back up though.
Cranial Restructuring / Re: Will NCR and face pulling help me?
« Last post by Tyler on May 14, 2018, 02:43:18 pm »
This whole concept of changing our appearance is really a new venture and so this web site, after all, should in my opinion be viewed more like a frontier kind of exploration into what is possible, and less like a place to come for comfort or being told 'yes, this will definitely work' or 'no, this is impossible'.

So I'd just say, really explore around and learn - not just here but expand your search to the wide Internet, and not just among "weirdo" groups like ours.

That's what I did and I'm always learning something new to add onto my development, and it's pretty great.
Cranial Restructuring / Re: Will NCR and face pulling help me?
« Last post by Tyler on May 14, 2018, 02:38:23 pm »
I can't honestly say, but I think it's fairly certain to say that there's reason for everyone to have hope if they also have a will.

I lost two of my wisdom teeth as well, and the upper back one on my left side has basically deteriorated, so it's going to come out soon.

My face is really fine, though. In fact, even without those wisdom teeth, my face is more harmonious than it was when I was younger.

In my experience tho, what is really helping a lot is just things like, correct nutrition, chewing to exercise the muscles, correcting inner problems like toxic nonsense from our polluted world - stuff like that.

Probably it would be massively helpful to learn how calcium is really absorbed and put into our bones, because just drinking milk has given us brittle bones after all. So I bet that there is actually some kind of secret in the K vitamins, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, and vitamin D. According to my research, those might be the combination needed to gain bone strength, and who knows? Maybe even grow our bones to a certain extent.

Face-pulling appears to also be useful, but I think that it is just a combination of everything that is the real ticket.

Everyone wants a 'magic bullet' or formula or single action to solve a problem, but my experience is life does not work that way.

We have to have a real will and volition to do everything required in order to reach our goal. Notice I wrote everything, not anything. People who will do anything will even cheat by getting surgeries. Totally crazy if you ask me.
Cranial Restructuring / Re: Will NCR and face pulling help me?
« Last post by Feli on May 07, 2018, 12:03:16 pm »
I am in the exact situation as you. I had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted 16 months ago and my face is a mess now. I also don't know which treatment is best in this situation, and the dentists and oral surgeons I have visited don't believe the wisdom teeth extraction caused these changes, and also refuse to implant wisdom teeth. I notice you wrote this a while ago, how did you move forward to fix the changes to your face?
Cranial Restructuring / Re: Is my maxilla retruded or potruding?
« Last post by test_123 on May 07, 2018, 02:13:56 am »
I suppose it may not, but you are really a good-looking guy after all, but I think with a frown like that you might fear off some of the prettier girls ehehehe. But then, perhaps not if your father looks like a warrior himself!  ;D :D

Haha thanks! My frown is because we finally have some light here after total darkness for months so im squinting alot because the light hurts my eyes, real nord things  ;D ;D
Cranial Restructuring / Re: Is my maxilla retruded or potruding?
« Last post by Tyler on May 06, 2018, 10:59:12 am »
I suppose it may not, but you are really a good-looking guy after all, but I think with a frown like that you might fear off some of the prettier girls ehehehe. But then, perhaps not if your father looks like a warrior himself!  ;D :D
Cranial Restructuring / Re: Is my maxilla retruded or potruding?
« Last post by test_123 on May 05, 2018, 02:00:10 am »
Here's a few more pics, trying to you show what I mean here.

Man I don't know how to get that same cheek-bone highlighting lighting you got in your one photo, so I can't really show my cheek's mass fully there.

But, see how it just sort of ... has some mass to it, like a little soft padding, without being overly puffy?

We are white, and I have just observed in life, that not all white humans have these huge Nordic facial bones like some of the ancestors had.

But imo, check out a lady like Ms Reese Witherspoon (respectfully of course, I hate to gawk at faces now since she's a fellow human being and a person of our kind after all).

In some of her pics where she lost some weight, you can see it makes her cheeks and face look too long and gaunt.

But when there's proper mass there, it just ... looks right, and it's like a miracle how the cheeks even seem to get up there to their rightful position, place, size, etc., and the whole face just sort of makes itself proportional, like through a magic miracle or like there is hidden sculptor there putting everything into beautiful position and proportion.

So we are white, and I think don't "just" need to yank away trying to get cheekbones like a Nordic viking. There's ALSO the nutritional side to everything, and the "soft mass" which gives our face its dimension and proportional beauty.

Hell, when I am getting my "fleshy matter" all up and in nice shape, it really even appears to be doing a lot of the work of shifting my facial bones around on its own, and right now I keep on touching under my chin at how weirdly flat my jaw is compared to how it used to be. My neck is getting so straight on its own, especially since I sleep on the floor on a sleeping bag too I think. And I hardly even do face-pulling anymore, and probably won't go near NCR anymore, since obeying nature's laws and recommendations (by getting all my needed elements, minerals, vitamins, zinc, vit C, sulfur, protein, fats, etc. and getting sleep), seem to be gently sculpting my appearance fine on their own.
I see what you mean.
Well as a nord myself, ive seen all kinds of Facial bones. If we take my mother for example which is of german ancestry. She got high cheekbones. But they're hardly visible. And i see this with germans overall, they tend to have high cheekbones that lack visibility which rather gives them the impression of a long face. When it comes to my dad which is fully swedish. He got a very round warrior alike skull with potruding cheekbones and a short pointy nose, and im a mix between both of them so i have high cheekbones from my mother and the potruding features (maxilla) from my dad. My cheekbones doesnt follow along as well as his does tho. So i guess this is a genetic game you have to be lucky with cuz ive been reading around on ''gymforums'' about germans that seem to not be able to get their cheekbones visible no matter how hard they try. Im gonna try to drop the milk since i drink far too much, and see if anything happens. This pic was taken a few days ago and as you can see on the shadow outline my forward growth doesnt seem to do much for my cheekbones. And any more fat wouldnt do much either i think. 
(yes i shaved my head hehe)
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