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Also, please don't go and post my photos in other places - I give no one persmission to post my photos in other forums or online communities.

I do not actually want to be known as some "Internet guy"or as some success story to be circulated around the Internet for people who are rude and skeptical to insult me, or who may simply use my photos to boast about how face-pulling is "totally real" - especially since even I'm just an explorer here myself, who joined this community in order to test what is within the realm of possibility without preconceptions about what could be done.

If people are not ready to investigate the truth openly and receptively without prejudices and preconceptions, or if all they are prepared to do is mock and slander and insult, then don't bother them or show of my photos to try and convince them. It won't work in any case, and it just invites stress and headache.

I just share my pics in the spirit of a community forum, and to hopefully illustrate to those who are uncertain or full of doubts that things are actually possible - with striving and effort.

It is not an invitation, nor permission, to go and form new forums where my photos are collected as some kind of bizarre online museum.

I'm here trying to upload some pics from just a moment ago, taken in my house ... It is really hard to take effective comparative pics - lighting and distance from the camera can really make a significant impact on the face's appearance.

Anyway, I feel it is really irresponsible to simply make my own experience an endorsement of face-pulling now, or of NCR or whatever. It is not, although I don't discredit those methods either - all I mean is that, my own experience has come from so many different factors, it would be irresponsible of me to simply say, "NCR/face-pulling is a miracle and did everything for me".Today, my experience is more just a general endorsement of the truth of the creational potential of humans, meaning ... where there's a will to look more proportionally beautiful, there's a way. And my own tools have been, to varying unknown degrees, nutrition, changing my sleep habits, performing sufficient manual labour for fitness, a bit of cranium adjustment (ie. facepulling or even just shutting my nostrils and blowing really hard to try and puff out my skull lol - I really wanted it, as you can possibly tell).

Also, what I am certain has undoubtedly also played a role, are: healing ulcers within my body, removing some toxins from my bodily tissues, nourishing my thyroid gland, re-building my immune system, paying a few dollars extra each time to provide my body with real cream products instead of cheaper dairy, and possibly some other things. It appears almost fully certain that also, WORKING OUT my jaw to very, very thoroughly chew all of my meat has helped - possibly in a twofold way of 1st) strengthening and subtly widening my jaw, and 2nd) making the meat protein readily digestible so that the protein matter could then actually effectively be absorbed into my physicality and not just cause digestive problems and then pass out partly unused.

What I will still be aiming to heal about my own body this year (2018): tired, weak blood (anaemia), vitamin B deficiency, iron deficiency, chelating some more heavy metals, healing my gastro-intestinal tract, supplying some amino acids for the correct formation of new muscle masses and proteins, and generally other vitamins and elements required for the constitution of the body.

IN FULL, it means: work on the body, and make it back into a proper vessel of digestion and nourishment utilisation again (as it was created and evolved to be), where what is eaten goes in, gets used efficiently, and then passes out of the body.

I can't simply endorse face-pulling or let my poor quality pics be mis-used for that purpose anymore, but am able to say that, in my experience, with everything working together, it is possible to win results.

To really get some great quality comparative pics is really turning out to be just, beyond my skill. I am no professional doctor or photographer.

But my pics, shared here from varying lighting styles and at varying camera lens distances, I think is just a good general presentation of how proportional beauty can come to those who have a sincere volition and who are willing to make the effort to truly work on their body. And as the body is cultivated and purified, things somehow just sort of appear to just .. adjust naturally on their own, even the skull. There may not really even a huge need for these NCR/face-pulling/mewing systems, although I am not discrediting them either.

These are all taken from within the same month or so to each other, just under different lighting and sometimes the camera is a few centimeters closer to my face or whatever - hence it is a bit like a "fun house mirror" illusion. Be warned about that, and aware of it. But a few pics are provided to show a general idea from different common angles and so on.

So it is my documentation, albeit quite poor if I'm being honest about it, of how I'm still progressing - and really anyone can do it. But, please do not message me asking for advice because I have had to work very hard and learn very much, so I really cannot advise you or anyone personally.

The Internet is open and knowledge is freely available, though. We live in a Golden Age, even if it may not appear like it because of the constant barrage of negative powers via news and the misery of other human beings.

We live, nevertheless, in a true Golden Age despite all of the misery and tumult, because vast encyclopaedias worth of knowledge is available to anyone free on the Internet, and whereas in the past, a man had to be content with folk wisdom ... today, if a humans want to learn how and why this or that ingredient found inside of a product may help, he does not have to rely on reviews and cross his fingers. He can go into the Internet and study everything for himself, and obtain a certain answer.
For me, the next challenge is just to get my own face to continue building up mass, but I have a nourishment project in the works right now.

I drop in every so often just to post an update or whatever since, I like this kind of project and I want to help.

When my project is come through, then I'll come back to post an update again.
Hi all,

Just dropping in to collect that old pic of mine.

I need to set the record straight as I've gotten more aware of things - my own photo comparison is not really showing a drastic effect from face-pulling, since it actually was just different lighting giving an impression of a strongly altered face.

I am still making progress anyway, right now through nourishment and internally cleansing my body, and just occasionally doing face-pulling to feel when I might help things along to shift. But I am clear enough in my head now to see that my own "photographic proof" was really just wishful thinking on my own part, and a certain amount of self-deluding. I was young and living in a lot of stress, so I'll give myself the leniency and forgiveness.

In any case, here attached is me from very recent in a photo with very similar lighting to my very first one, to show how my face is, in some ways, pretty close to the same - and yet, in a subtle way, it is improved by a whole lot. To me, it appears to often be the case that millimeters of shift can be the key to proportional beauty.

What I'm learning is, to attain our proportional beauty really takes our own self-awareness to discern what our body actually lacks ... it should not just be "follow this guy's program" or "do exactly as he did". It should be our own self-aware approach, crafted from our own developed self-awareness of what our body is most likely to require.

So, just trying to set the record straight.

Have a good one :) Keep on progressing
Cranial Restructuring / Re: Ineresting Pictures
« Last post by PaperBag on March 27, 2018, 01:23:06 am »
Bumping this thread because I've been obsessing about facepulling for days, specifically the Crane.
That before and after of the girl in front of the blue background is a patient of someone else, and she had surgeries that are unrelated to the concept of facepulling.
What's the point of displaying someone who doesn't reflect the product being advertised?

Is the blonde girl up top the same person as the blonde woman on the bottom? I thought the photos were unrelated, but the whole website looks like something from 1998 so it's hard to tell and it makes what sounds like a good invention look very amateur when presented in such a clunky manner with little information to see.
Many of you are aware that I created a gap in front two upper incisors via lateral expansion of the dental palate. The teeth did not tip or fray out whatsoever.

My right upper lateral incisor has been crooked all of my pubescent life. Even braces didn't fully solve it since I had zero oral posture during the treatment. As soon as I stopped wearing my retainer, it regressed to its old crooked position, slightly overlapping the right upper front incisor adjacent to it.

Having adequately expanded my dental palate to accomodate the posterior portion of the tongure (1.5 years) I began to focus on the anterior portion of the dental palate. All four upper incisors are now spaced apart by about 1mm which is **** crazy because they were crowded and right two years ago. The crooked lateral incisor is now isolated and free to rotate into a position inline with my lips and tongue. Basically I'm straightening my teeth again. I've been getting borderline braces-tier soreness in that region.

so ya i have a 1mm diastema now or so, it will close once im done expanding and finished correcting tooth alignment.

to my knowledge, nobody on this planet is getting the sort of mewing results that i have. i got at it all day and all night. hehehehe happy happy hehe
Cranial Restructuring / Request for Self-NCR guide
« Last post by EinFragenderUser on March 02, 2018, 05:54:18 pm »

I know there have been many threads on this topic, but I also wanted to ask if someone could please give me a tutorial on self-ncr.

Please pm me!

Cranial Restructuring / Facepulling Equitment
« Last post by mizzymiles on February 27, 2018, 07:45:17 am »
Can someone please list out the specifics of the Equitment needed for facepulling, like the types of screws and nuts

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Cranial Restructuring / Re: How far did your teeth come forward with facepulling?
« Last post by TheNo0n3 on February 25, 2018, 07:17:39 pm »
Hah, dope. Oh well, I myself gave TMD from chewing falim gum and its almost been a year since then. The first months were awful, got better, havent felt anything for months, sometimes was thinking that it probably healed, but these days I guess I inflamated my joint again with chewing gum and so on, proving that the problem is still here. I dont know how much TMD will slow the process, but I have been mewing pretty seriously for more than a year and have zero to none changes, not that i am saying that it is fake,  I am saying that results are definitely slow.
Cranial Restructuring / Re: How far did your teeth come forward with facepulling?
« Last post by king on February 24, 2018, 11:53:03 am »
Very good explanation , i just said  this because on every others forums most peoples really messed up their bite with facepulling , the only one claiming it worked was in fact a guy who used surgery i'm sceptic atm

Allthough not considering it the best idea, I have read only about one person who messed up his face and some who felt that they screwed up and had more pain and worse tmd, got better after some time.

Most popular results are of 2 people and they are both pretty good.

Could you send some link as from your saying I understand that there are most likely cases I have missed?****-lower-third-and-teeth

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