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Cranial Restructuring / Re: Is my maxilla retruded or potruding?
« Last post by test_123 on Today at 04:18:23 am »
Your strong features mask your maldevelopment well. You have good forward growth. Based on lacking orbital support and jaw contour, it looks like your biggest problem is narrow palate.

I may agree. But my palate isnt really narrow. my teeth is almost as wide as my cheekbones thus making my palate good? i may post intraoral later hehe. Also, i have had quite an rapid weightloss from 244 pounds to 158 pounds and i feel like i still have fat and thick skin around my face and neck. So this might be causing the lack of contour

Cranial Restructuring / Re: Is my maxilla retruded or potruding?
« Last post by Progress on April 23, 2018, 02:54:43 am »
Your strong features mask your maldevelopment well. You have good forward growth. Based on lacking orbital support and jaw contour, it looks like your biggest problem is narrow palate.
Cranial Restructuring / Is my maxilla retruded or potruding?
« Last post by test_123 on April 19, 2018, 04:00:09 am »
I honestly cant make out if my maxilla is recessed, protruding. Or if i need to continue losing weight. Im quite confident in my looks otherwise. But if i turn my face side ways it looks plain flat and horrible.


Cranial Restructuring / Re: Guide To Self NCR and Face Pulling Anyone???
« Last post by Progress on April 15, 2018, 09:46:22 am »
Here is download/preview:

The link will be removed automatically after 30 days of inactivity. I am only going to do this once. Make sure that it gets distributed to everyone who is seeking it.
Cranial Restructuring / Need help with options
« Last post by randomp7 on April 13, 2018, 01:46:31 am »
Hello. I am 22 M. I have been mouth breathing since i was pretty much born. My maxilla is about 15 mm downswing (if im right). My chin is about 3 fingers(47 mm) behind the forehead ideal profile. For 47 MM, i put ruler on front of my glabella and made straight line and see how much behind is the chin. Its 47 mm and it is recessed. I had 4 extractions at 18 and at 20 i found i should not have extracted. and stopped the treatment midway.

Now my right side of upper palate has 3mm open space while left side has 1mm open space(from where teeth was extracted). I have noticed my forehead change a bit with mewing it started protuding before it was straight line. Could say it is prominent. Also, I think mewing has made some changes because i can see some dimples on my right side(3mm open space) I've never had dimples before. I have small bro he has dimples. So i think it is making some change and trying to move into the natural order (hence dimples appear a bit but not prominent). Also my left side is a bit more downswung than other side. I am thinking of looking into ALF to expand. But in Hong Kong there is no orthotropic doctor so i will have to go to other country for treatment. I have found a job and plan to go and get myself treated because i heard the younger u are the better it is. my upper palate is around 36mm and lower is 30 mm(intermolar). I am thinking of facepulling but i think it would be better to do NCR and just mew first and facepull after getting expansion treatment but i think it may be counterproductive to wait because expansion may take years and if those years include facepulling the result may be really good. I want to expand to 45mm if possible.

I try to mew as much i can but i think my palate is too narrow and smalll to mew consistently. I feel force 1 side of my face. sometimes right but sometimes left.

I also have breathing problem sometimes. Especially winter when the air is dry its much harder to breathe.

I am chewing as much as i can and trying to push maxilla up. (15mm to go)

Can anyone please give me suggestions about my option? Also i would appreciate if someone send me NCR self guide. Please give me help i would really appreciate. I do not earn a lot i can not make a lot of trips like 3-4 per month.
Cranial Restructuring / Re: Guide To Self NCR and Face Pulling Anyone???
« Last post by randomp7 on April 12, 2018, 10:00:40 pm »
Please send me the self ncr guide. thanks
Cranial Restructuring / Mewing is legit - despite my retainers
« Last post by berkeley07 on April 07, 2018, 08:36:45 am »
So, I just wanted to post here (if you check my post history it was maybe a year ago I posted iirc) and say that Mewing has worked despite my retainers, which I thought would prevent any possible gains. I still have a less wider palate than I'd like but my cheekbones and jaw are very prominent, as well as an improvement in the eye area (due to better bone support).

I don't follow my regimen religiously anymore (supplements, MK-677 etc) but I have still gotten very good gains.

Now my only question is if I should perhaps take the retainer out and get a palate expander to achieve the best final results?

Cranial Restructuring / Re: Request for Self-NCR Guide
« Last post by randomp7 on April 06, 2018, 05:54:39 am »
Mail me the guide also please or open threat about it. Thanks
Also, please don't go and post my photos in other places - I give no one persmission to post my photos in other forums or online communities.

I do not actually want to be known as some "Internet guy"or as some success story to be circulated around the Internet for people who are rude and skeptical to insult me, or who may simply use my photos to boast about how face-pulling is "totally real" - especially since even I'm just an explorer here myself, who joined this community in order to test what is within the realm of possibility without preconceptions about what could be done.

If people are not ready to investigate the truth openly and receptively without prejudices and preconceptions, or if all they are prepared to do is mock and slander and insult, then don't bother them or show of my photos to try and convince them. It won't work in any case, and it just invites stress and headache.

I just share my pics in the spirit of a community forum, and to hopefully illustrate to those who are uncertain or full of doubts that things are actually possible - with striving and effort.

It is not an invitation, nor permission, to go and form new forums where my photos are collected as some kind of bizarre online museum.

I'm here trying to upload some pics from just a moment ago, taken in my house ... It is really hard to take effective comparative pics - lighting and distance from the camera can really make a significant impact on the face's appearance.

Anyway, I feel it is really irresponsible to simply make my own experience an endorsement of face-pulling now, or of NCR or whatever. It is not, although I don't discredit those methods either - all I mean is that, my own experience has come from so many different factors, it would be irresponsible of me to simply say, "NCR/face-pulling is a miracle and did everything for me".Today, my experience is more just a general endorsement of the truth of the creational potential of humans, meaning ... where there's a will to look more proportionally beautiful, there's a way. And my own tools have been, to varying unknown degrees, nutrition, changing my sleep habits, performing sufficient manual labour for fitness, a bit of cranium adjustment (ie. facepulling or even just shutting my nostrils and blowing really hard to try and puff out my skull lol - I really wanted it, as you can possibly tell).

Also, what I am certain has undoubtedly also played a role, are: healing ulcers within my body, removing some toxins from my bodily tissues, nourishing my thyroid gland, re-building my immune system, paying a few dollars extra each time to provide my body with real cream products instead of cheaper dairy, and possibly some other things. It appears almost fully certain that also, WORKING OUT my jaw to very, very thoroughly chew all of my meat has helped - possibly in a twofold way of 1st) strengthening and subtly widening my jaw, and 2nd) making the meat protein readily digestible so that the protein matter could then actually effectively be absorbed into my physicality and not just cause digestive problems and then pass out partly unused.

What I will still be aiming to heal about my own body this year (2018): tired, weak blood (anaemia), vitamin B deficiency, iron deficiency, chelating some more heavy metals, healing my gastro-intestinal tract, supplying some amino acids for the correct formation of new muscle masses and proteins, and generally other vitamins and elements required for the constitution of the body.

IN FULL, it means: work on the body, and make it back into a proper vessel of digestion and nourishment utilisation again (as it was created and evolved to be), where what is eaten goes in, gets used efficiently, and then passes out of the body.

I can't simply endorse face-pulling or let my poor quality pics be mis-used for that purpose anymore, but am able to say that, in my experience, with everything working together, it is possible to win results.

To really get some great quality comparative pics is really turning out to be just, beyond my skill. I am no professional doctor or photographer.

But my pics, shared here from varying lighting styles and at varying camera lens distances, I think is just a good general presentation of how proportional beauty can come to those who have a sincere volition and who are willing to make the effort to truly work on their body. And as the body is cultivated and purified, things somehow just sort of appear to just .. adjust naturally on their own, even the skull. There may not really even a huge need for these NCR/face-pulling/mewing systems, although I am not discrediting them either.

These are all taken from within the same month or so to each other, just under different lighting and sometimes the camera is a few centimeters closer to my face or whatever - hence it is a bit like a "fun house mirror" illusion. Be warned about that, and aware of it. But a few pics are provided to show a general idea from different common angles and so on.

So it is my documentation, albeit quite poor if I'm being honest about it, of how I'm still progressing - and really anyone can do it. But, please do not message me asking for advice because I have had to work very hard and learn very much, so I really cannot advise you or anyone personally.

The Internet is open and knowledge is freely available, though. We live in a Golden Age, even if it may not appear like it because of the constant barrage of negative powers via news and the misery of other human beings.

We live, nevertheless, in a true Golden Age despite all of the misery and tumult, because vast encyclopaedias worth of knowledge is available to anyone free on the Internet, and whereas in the past, a man had to be content with folk wisdom ... today, if a humans want to learn how and why this or that ingredient found inside of a product may help, he does not have to rely on reviews and cross his fingers. He can go into the Internet and study everything for himself, and obtain a certain answer.
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