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Hey Tyler.  I actually still don't know the method.  When Ben said he was going to help me, I don't believe he meant help just me personally.  I think he meant he was going to help everyone interested in self-NCR by releasing an article describing his method.  So once the article is released, you'll be able to teach yourself.  I don't believe it has been released yet, however.  Hopefully it's available soon.  I'm eager to try it out!

I'll help you.

You've probably sent me an email and I didn't reply. It's because I receive a few per day and every reply turns into fifteen, which I just do not have the time for. I didn't mean to be rude, I know how badly you want this because I've been there.

I'm going to work on an article where I carefully address the technique and everything while avoiding the liability issues - this information will be free.

I still don't recommend that people do this themselves especially if they can see a practitioner, and I'll get into that more later.

Thank you so much Ben.  You have no idea how happy this makes me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Yeah, I know.  Thanks for the reply.  I'm just so frustrated that I was so close to being able to help myself.  If only I had found this place a few months ago...

I know results aren't guaranteed, and it is potentially harmful, but I need to TRY.  And I can't let it go until I have.  The benefits so outweigh the risks.

I'm willing to pay, sign a waiver, whatever.  I NEED to know how to do this.  It's just cruel to be teased like this.

Hello?  I hope this place is still alive.

First off, thank you Ben for sharing your knowledge and experience in order to help others.  And thank you to everyone else who has shared their experiences and transformations.

I'm here to inquire about self-NCR.

It seems there are a lot of people eager to learn self-NCR, but no one willing to inform.

I understand the apprehension.  It is a powerful and potentially harmful technique... but it also has also helped a lot of people.

No one wants to be responsible for hurting anyone, but merely providing information does not harm anyone.  Individuals are responsible for their own decisions and actions.

I don't have the means to see an NCR professional, so I'm desperate to learn how I can help myself.  All I want is information.  Then I can decide whether it will help me.

So, with that said, is anyone willing to provide information regarding self-NCR?

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