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Cranial Restructuring / Re: Facepullling and Open bites
« on: January 28, 2014, 07:16:56 pm »
Wow, so much difficulty with face pulling.

I wish I knew more about it and could help but I simply haven't done it myself. :|

What I think happens from NCR/ballooning (I don't have as much exp with face pullers) is the zygomatic process, (cheekbone) tends to move/expand out so the way the mandible connects to the temporo-mandibular joint changes, so the mandible sometimes moves forward. However in your case it's pretty minor and the mandible is already well developed, but of course it could improve.

The sloped forehead can change as well for the better, this is more complicated..

Nose likely won't come down unless your nasal bones are essentially "pushed into" the skull, but judging by the photos it's hard to say if that's the case or if you just don't have much cartilage on the lower part of your nose. Can't win em all buddy. You can take mine :)

Rachel, thank you so much for this post.

It's extremely important I think to convey these kinds of nuances to people and you've illustrated it like I could never do. It's not enough just to say something is nuanced and not give specific examples, so thank you for these.  I might like to use pieces of what you wrote here in the future to put into my article/guide, if you give permission. I hope people will share similar types of information on this thread.

When I first began this process on myself nearly 2 years ago now, I thought everyone would be like me, and change like me. I stupidly jumped to the conclusion that this would be totally revolutionary. It eventually could be, but we we're not there yet with knowledge. My attitude has shifted over time. Somehow these facial/skeletal differences need to be assessed prior/during NCR or other modalities... [rhetorical rant incoming---->]but I'm stuck feeling like it's TOO gutsy of me to try to come up with self assessment methods. I do have ideas... but that's encroaching too much into medical territory and I'm not confident enough.. I think we're crazy or mature enough here to doctor ourselves---it's just ballsy to suggest self assessment methods if it causes people to reach a false conclusion or self diagnose.

I'm going to continue to track and organize information like yours, collect this type of data from people doing this (most people are nowhere near as detailed or self-aware), and eventually distill it into a simple format on my website. That's really the best way.

Awesome Omar, that's a fight worth fighting.

Cranial Restructuring / Re: Knoppes' Self-NCR experiment
« on: January 13, 2014, 04:15:20 pm »
Thanks for posting this Marc! Awesome. A lot of people make that mistake when they start out, if it weren't for the fact that I had NCR I probably would have kept doing it that way (the wrong way) for more than a couple months myself. It's easy to think you're inflating in the right spot when you're just in the turbinate.

Cranial Restructuring / Re: NCR Newbie Q's...
« on: January 04, 2014, 07:56:30 pm »
I'll try to share my thoughts but they're only my unprofessional, non authoritative perceptions... but they still might help clarify things for you

More than a million people have been treated with NCR and BNS according to the doctors I talked to back in 2011. Statistically speaking the number of people who have negative results are actually very low (according to them - yes bias may play a role in these stats). We've got to look at the context of why certain people had a negative result. If I were you I'd look at every negative case I could find and figure out if what happened might possibly happen to you and weigh the possible benefits vs risks. For example hypermobility, I think of it as persistent "cranial sensitivity" will definitely occur with continual or overly powerful treatments and that's one of the reasons people take breaks. This is easily known, when I lay down at night on my pillow after the 3rd or 4th treatment, I feel a light ache on that part of my head due to the pressure of the pillow. NCR doctors will only treat people 4 times per month (1 consecutive series) to wait for things to become more "solid" again before treating, for this reason supposedly. For the vast majority of people, they get back to normal (insensitive/immoble) quickly, and the more they have NCR the faster they recover after a series but it's not understood why there are a few rare people (like the two people in that thread you linked) who remain sensitive, or develop other issues surrounding that. My laymans guess is it's because they had a major head injury during a time when they're very sensitive. Everyone knows that you should avoid hitting your head or doing something that puts yourself at unnecessary risk to your skull after NCR because the injury will be worse (like those people in the thread).  Yeah the NCR specialists will definitely downplay negative results and upplay positive ones to the extent of human nature - I mean my doctor was eager to jump to assumptions that it helped me with things that I later learned were more placebo effects than anything else. But I'm not going to go back and correct the testimonial now for those little things - you know? That happens in all forms of medicine. And on that note I think the extent of the allopathic world attacking therapies like this wouldn't go so far as fake reviews... it's enough just to have Stephen Barrett write a crappy, shallow article about NCR/BNS on his high-ranked webpage; and to keep control/persuasion over the editors of major medical journals. Howell and company have been having a really hard time submitting anything to a medical journal from what I've gathered, but I think they've got a couple articles in a lesser known journal, somewhere...

People can have negative results from massage, and this is way more invasive than massage. A lot of this is just really obvious and I think if you're worried about "hidden side effects" or something along those lines... it's extremely unlikely, but of course a possibility.

I think you've got the right attitude at any rate. It's good to be cautious.

Not sure Mike, but last I heard, Amir was still very active and practicing in the UK.

Cranial Restructuring / Re: NCR Newbie Q's...
« on: December 29, 2013, 01:30:34 pm »
Hey Matt, I can't say whether I've heard anyone improving in the specific way you're describing, but I'm not at all discounting it either. I mean no offense to Dr. Howell but the statement they gave you was the generic one NCR specialists give everyone... it's pretty meaningless. You do have to walk into one of their clinics, and frankly most of them won't run proper diagnostics - they can tell you what they've dealt with experientially however -- but many of them have to deal with liabilities surrounding scope of practice and can't give you full answers or make any medical promises whatsoever. You'd need to see someone like Dr. John Lieurance in Florida, or maybe Dr. Howell himself. I'm sure both have seen many patients like you in the past... it's just a very specific issue, and your theory could actually be incorrect

By far the most likely thing that will improve from NCR relevant to this is mental clarity. Brain fog is usually eliminated over time, it won't go away all at once but can be significantly improved...oftentimes people like me who had it their entire lives didn't even realize it was there. Your whole world is just sort of foggy, and it can be difficult to retrieve information - working memory can be impaired.

If I were you, I'd give it a try: one session. You'll know in a single session whether this actually helps you with mental functioning. At that point you'll realize it's probably a long road ahead of you for a full recovery, or you'll realize this therapy is useless for your condition, but I wish you the best and what you're trying to achieve is definitely achievable.

Introduction / Welcome to the Forum
« on: December 25, 2013, 02:22:24 pm »
The purpose of this forum is to connect like-minded people seeking alternative/cutting-edge solutions to health and wellness. The mentality here is mostly experimental/open-minded since it takes a lot of guts to do some of these things on our own.

This isn't a place to rant and rag on mainstream medicine, there's enough of that to sift through on the Internet already. If you're here, you're probably aware of those issues. I think it's more productive to focus on solutions and help each other reach new levels of health, to look and feel our best. There isn't a lot of administration or censorship here, people can post and say what they want. :)

Agree with Walrus's reply.

A few questions:

Does your skull have a "gentle soreness", like when you lay down at night to sleep and press on your skull with your pillow, it's more sensitive than usual? This is an indication that the connective tissue is temporarily loose, which means your treatments were "effective", but you didn't get permanent results for any number of reasons.

How long have you been doing it? (how many treatments etc)

I started treatments using extremely thick, large Japanese finger cots made from a rubbery material. I didn't even inflate them all the way through the nasal passage, and I still got some results albeit slowly. When you get results, you'll notice. Like walrus said, there won't be any major question marks in your head, it'll be pretty clear by the look and feel of your face afterwards.

It's difficult for anyone to know how much pressure you're using and what you're feeling. Follow your intuition. Don't know how else to help but wish you the best Tyler

Cranial Restructuring / Re: A Simple Nasal Balloon Procedure
« on: April 12, 2013, 02:32:05 pm »
There was a point in time almost a year ago where I wrote about using two balloons. I've experimented with it for some time and it doesn't increase results, stick with 1 and you'll be safer.

I am going to take pictures of my progress here soon, after taking a 5 month break and starting up recently.

Before it slips into the top of my throat, I have noticed that I will feel pressure on my ears, though I am not positive whether this is the same as the 'popping' that I've heard about

You probably expand the balloon quite a lot in the turbinate, which pushes the turbinate up against the sphenoid/ethmoid bones. You can get release purely from expanding the balloon in the turbinate (that's what I did my first 2 months, without realizing it).

The popping is believed to be sudden release of connective tissues in various parts of the skull. You shouldn't get popping unless you use a lot of force like an NCR doctor, and I sure as hell do not encourage this.

Where to inflate the balloon can be counter-intuitive, but it's usually a good rule of thumb to follow those patterns of misalignment you're noticing, although an NCR doctor who subscribes to Howell's theories would say that you'll be relying on pure chance to find "the only correct" placement of the balloon.

I've found that there ARE better placements, but one correct placement? This doesn't seem to be the case. It seems there are better placements, and every go-round a couple bad ones, where, if you were to use a lot of force in that area you might spin yourself down regression road. But at this point it is all anecdotal theory propped up with a bit of body science.

Anyway, you have to understand Tyler that even if you or myself discovered the perfect, Golden technique which across all boards affected 100% of everybody the same way (and I can assure you no person on earth has discovered it because bodies aren't identical and this therapy in particular is affected by a LOT of body variables)... even if we expressed that technique perfectly through writing, there would still be a huge percentage of people who wouldn't be capable of following those instructions or guidelines. Lots of people would do weird, even dangerous things. Written communication is terrible when it comes to these things. I know this from experience working with people.

I would love to refine everything I've learned and distill it down into a better book, since I learn more every day... but I think this is like massage, you'd be crazy to learn it from a book.

It might be better to email people on the forum (it's displayed) if you want to work with them Tyler :] Nice of you though

Plato, I get a lot of people asking me for your email - can you put that email address on your website? lol, the old one you've got up there is nonfunctional I think.

I'll help you.

You've probably sent me an email and I didn't reply. It's because I receive a few per day and every reply turns into fifteen, which I just do not have the time for. I didn't mean to be rude, I know how badly you want this because I've been there.

I'm going to work on an article where I carefully address the technique and everything while avoiding the liability issues - this information will be free.

I still don't recommend that people do this themselves especially if they can see a practitioner, and I'll get into that more later.

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