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Cranial Restructuring / Dates for NCR treatment series in London
« on: March 18, 2014, 10:48:07 am »
Hi all,

just to let you know that I will be running 2 NCR series in London at Mike Mew's clinic in the next few months. The first will be April 11 -14, there are still a few places left but this series is almost full and the second will be May 30 - June 2.

Please don't hesitate to contact me to book in to have NCR done by someone who has had over 40 series themselves and has been personally trained and certified by Dean Howell ND.

I can be contacted on




Thanks, I am only too happy to share.

My brain fog is much improved, I can drive without difficulty now and I found studying in preparation for dental school much easier. It hasn't gone completely but it is vastly improved.

Before NCR and facepulling I was 6'2.5", now I am 6'3.5"! A full inch taller as my spine has straightened and my scoliosis has improved.


Cranial Restructuring / NCR available in London
« on: February 20, 2014, 12:24:37 pm »
Dear all,

I have teamed up with the brilliant and passionate Dr Mike Mew at his clinic, The London School of Facial Orthotropics in Purley, London and I am happy to announce that there will now be a monthly NCR series available with me there. The first series will be April 11-14.

We are both very excited at the prospect of working with patients who are simultaneously having NCR, orthotropic work, myofunctional therapy and using reverse pull headgear all with the aim of creating beautiful, natural looking faces and smiles and improving general health.

This is truly an exciting time for everyone involved and I am honoured to be working with Dr Mike Mew at his clinic continuing the work of his father Prof. John Mew and the developer of NCR and the FaceMAX, Dr Dean Howell.

Please contact me on for appointments or any questions.


Ian Hedley

Dear all,

Following my meetings with Dr Mike Mew I would like to let everyone know that there will be a 4 day NCR series available with me at Dr Mew's clinic in Purley, London once a month. The first one will be April 11-14.

We are both very excited about the potential of patients having NCR, orthotropics and using some form of reverse pull headgear simultaneously all with the aim of improving facial aesthetics, orthodontic health and general health and well being. This truly is an exciting time for all involved.

Please email me for appointment times or with any queries.


Ian Hedley

Thanks Ben.

Yes, that is me on the original site.

Great work for putting this all together. Hope life is treating you well.




Just to let you all know, I have been personally trained and certified by Dr Dean Howell at the NCR research instiute in San Diego, California in the latest NCR techniques, including correct endonasal balloon inflation, external cranial manipulation, bodywork and proprioceptive testing.

I have personally had over 50 series (200 inflations) with Dr Howell so I know all about this therapy. I also have an extensive background in formal anatomy and physiology training plus human biochemistry.

I am based in Lancashire, England close to Manchester and Liverpool but I am also free to travel if there is sufficient demand. I currently work in Dublin, Ireland as Dr Howell's bodywork assistant too.

I can provide NCR at a more affordable cost to most people than Dr Howell because I have less travel costs and clinic overheads.

So if anybody wants NCR done correctly with all the necessary testing, body positioning to reduce the force required to move the sphenoid, bodywork and external cranial work which are all essential to getting positive and cumulative results with an experienced, certified therapist please don't hesitate to contact me at

yours in health,

Ian Hedley

Here are my before photos.

Before extraction retraction ortho at 14, after and again after extensive NCR and face pulling with the FaceMAX


Ian Hedley

Hi all,

Thanks Mike for starting this discussion group, wanted to share my story and throw my hat into the debating ring.

So here goes......

At 14 years old, I was a happy, energetic, intelligent, athletic teenager growing up in the north west of England with a great family and no health probelms whatsoever. I have included a photo as an attachment (431.jpg). Notice the colour in my cheeks, support for my eyes from my cheekbones, facial symmetry, happy smile, broad nose and general healthy appearance. I know my cranio facial structure wasn't perfect but I was by no means an ugly teenager with a severe dental malocclusion or severely crowded teeth.

I was refered to my local orthodontist because I had very minor overcrowding, an almost ubiquitous problem in modern humans due to soft foods that require little or no mastication, over processed diets devoid of vital nutrition and poor oral posture, particuarly of the tongue and mouth breathing. My upper lateral incisors slightly overlapped my centrals and my lower lateral incisors slightly overlapped my lower cannines. Not a terrible mess. I wasn't particuarly bothered by it and didn't really want the treatment my ortho prescibed. He however was very insistant and persuasive with my mother and convinced her and me that the best thing to do would be to extract 4 bicuspids, 2 upper and 2 lower, close the space with brackets and archwires, straigtening my anterior teeth and ensuring that I would have adequate space for my wisdoms. I fell for his bullshit conventional orthodontic treatment model and I can say with certainty that it was the single biggest mistake I have ever made! It pretty much ruined my health and made my life a living nightmare.

I completed his "treatment", I am reluctant to call it a treatment because by definition something that causes more problems than in solves is not a treatment, including retention in 18 months. I was a model patient, I kept all my appliances clean and functional, I attended every appointment and did everything I was asked to do, I made his life really easily, he made mine very hard.

I was left at 16 years old with 6 straight upper and lower anterior teeth and room for my wisdoms like he promised but also an orthodontically rotated maxilla to the right of the midline, an anterior open bite of 3 mm which wasn't present before, a jammed, twisted cranium, inadequate support for my eyes, a flat dished in appearance, a retruded chin and weak profile, head pressure, neck pain at C3 because the twist in my skull torqued my dural membrane which passes out of the foramen magnum in the occipital bone and attcahes at C3, spinal scoliosis, pain in my right sacro illiac joint because my sacrum was torqued, low back pain as my lumbar vertebrae became jammed, chronic fatigue, chronic brain imflammation and brain fog and all included in the costs of my ortho work!!!!!

To cut a long story short, life became incredible difficult as I was plunged into poor health by incredible bad extraction retraction orthodontics which was merely treating the symptoms and not the cause of my problems and is the completely wrong approach. I struggled through my remaining school years, dropped of of law school due to health problems, had to quit jobs, give up sports and move back home with parents. Not fun at all.

At this point I began my own research, started joining the dots and came to the conclusion that poor ortho and subsequent poor structure was behind my issues and set about correcteing them. This became my full time job and my lifes purpose.

My first point of call was Dr Amir in London. He agreed my problem was dental and through removeable appliances, mandibular repositioning devices and teaching me how to breath correctly and swallow properly without thrusting my tongue opened up about half a tooth space where mine were extracted, brought my chin forward about 3/4" and widened my arches. My health improved over the course of 3 years but I was still fatigued, in pain and fogged in.

At this point I discovered Dr Dean Howell and NCR and flew to NYC for treatment. He agreed with me and Amir and set about releasing my jammed skull and optimising my structure using NCR endonasal balloons. I have had over 50 series (200 inflations) with Dean. I was also the first patient in the world, "patient zero" as Plato likes to refer to me as to use the FaceMAX face pulling device to augment NCR and bring my maxilla and mid face forward. I know there is a lot of debate about this issue but in my experience the combination of NCR to release cranial sutures and free up the skull combined with pulling gently in an upward direction on the maxilla without anchoring the device against the face or head for less than 30 mins per day will bring the cheekbones out, the mid face forward, the maxilla up and forward allowing the mandible to swing forward as the temporal bones rotate posteriorly and inferiorly. If you pull too hard, for too long and at the wrong angle the body resists the change, tightens up and goes into a "sympathetic" or stressed state, not conducive to making structural change and healing.

Now, I am absolutely not an expert in this, I am still learning but I would wager that I have more experience than anybody else out there at doing this. I don't know all the answers, I may be wrong in my assumptions but I want to share with you all the results I have managed to achieve. Please look at my before and after photos I have attached.

In the picture on the left was I chronically fatigued, in severe pain, had brain fog, a dished in profile, weak chin, jammed skull, facial pallor and a general stressed look on my face. In the photo on the right I was in way less pain, had more energy, was happier, felt better, had more support for my eyes, better facial symmetry, more attractive eye orbits, a wider face, stronger profile and generally look healthier. I have by no means finished my odyssey, I am continuing with NCR once a month, face pulling and expansion ortho with Gerry Smith @ to achieve the round, symmetrical skull, wide arches, all 32 teeth and perfect facial symmetry and great health I have always wanted.

These results are possible, I am living testament to that but it takes time and perseverance with NCR, face pulling, a Weston Price style high nutrient diet with little or no refined foods, correct oral posture, expansion orthodontics with ALF's or similar devices such as Biobloc orthotropics or homeoblocks, a whole body detox of heavy metals and environmental toxins using chelating agents and saunas and positive intention setting. Anything is possible, don't be limited by faulty beliefs and a corrupt system, set the intention and live your reality, break the matrix!

Just as a side note, I am now the only fully qualified NCR therapist in the UK, having been personally trained by Dr Howell at the NCR research institute in San Diego. I am available anytime for treatments in the UK and abroad if needed. I can provide NCR at a much more affordable cost than Dr Howell due to lower overheads. I will also be working in conjunction with Dr Mike Mew in his Purley, London clinic to further develop face pulling with NCR and Biobloc orthotropics and I start dental school in London at King's college all being well in September.

Please feel free to contact me through this forum or at

Yours in health,

Ian Hedley

Introduction / Re: Welcome (introduce yourself)
« on: February 05, 2014, 04:21:05 am »
Hi everyone,

Firstly I want to thank Ben for creating this forum and to everyone who as contributed thus far. Keep up the good work.

Now for my introduction. My name is Ian or as my friend Plato from the face pulling site likes to refer to me, "patient zero". I am sure that many of you will be familiar with my photos that are online and my story.

I am going to post my full story on the thread started by Dr Mike Mew if you would like to read it there.

I just wanted to introduce myself and let you all know that I fully supportive of everyone on here and what you are all trying to achieve.

I am also the only fully certified NCR therapist in the UK and the only full time one in Europe. I was personally trained by Dr Dean Howell, the developer of NCR at the research institute in San Diego. I have a practice in Lancashire in the northwest of England but am free to travel wherever to treat people. I can offer NCR at a much lower rate than Dr Howell because I don't have such expensive overheads. I have personally had over 50 series (200 inflations) with Dr Howell and Plato and I wore the FaceMAX face pulling device for 3 years plus and I have extensive first hand knowledge of many different types of ortho appliance, including ALF's.

I can be contacted on if anyone has any personal questions or queries or alternatively I can be contacted on here.

Yours in health,

Ian Hedley

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