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Dear All,

Please excuse my absence. Problems logging on. Now sorted. Thank you all for you advice and comments. In the mean time I've met up with Ian Hedley, whom I found very informative and easy to work with, so we are sure to build a relationship and see how NCR and Orthotropics can be combined. We are both still wondering about the effect of wear times but since some people are struggling to wear the head gear that I've designed for much time we are naturally selecting people into groups. I'm a little amazed that people come all this way with such problems and then don't commit them selves, almost as if they want us to do the work for them. It makes me understand why every one want the magic pill that cures things.

There have been some excellent comments in this discussion.

CP you were privileged to be treated by Dr Gibbs, he is one of the best that I know. Sometimes the best people do not come with a neon sign above them showing you how good they are. You description is excellent, as is your grasp of what is going on (in my opinion). Complex you are spot on with tongue posture. This is the natural face puller. I often say to people that if I could plug into their cerebellum in the same way that people plug expensive cars into computer systems and override the factory settings to make the more efficient or less so and faster, then I would not need nothing else. It's like in the Matrix (very appropriate for this site). The problem is that if your palate is small and set down it is uncomfortable to do this and we are creatures of comfort, so just don't do it. We need help and most of us cannot be bothered we really just want that magic pill.

There is an old saying in orthodontics that function follows form (and the reverse). Actually posture is more important, since pushing your tongue for 5 min will do nothing, pushing for 4-8hrs will change your life. Posture is function over time. If we can change the form and make it easier to change function then we can change the posture. There is certainly more to it that changing tongue position but this seems to be the most important, possibly followed by head posture.

I will keep you posted on developments here, and we are now recruiting subject to try what we are learning together. Our clinic will be Monday or Tuesday am in Purley Surrey. Only the very motivate need apply.

For those of you that are to far away please find out more information for me. I've started a discussion with Sally Fallon from the Weston A Price Foundation to see what she has to say. If your've seen the ancestral health lecture you will be aware that I'm not convinced with WAPFs conclusion but we all need to remain open minded. I still have to talk to Karl Nishimura and I am happy to talk suggestions from anyone here.

Best wishes,



Seeing some movement in the malar region (which is what I think that you are describing) is not uncommon with expansion, it does depend on the rate, amount and your age. I think that talking about the premaxillary suture is a bit of a red herring, I would love it to be open to help me with my treatments, but  it does not stop the teeth anterior (the premaxillary region) from being moved in any direction. I could ask Brendan, he is a good friend of my father but I do think it is of much relevance in the larger picture.

Anyone able to give me more concrete feedback? It would be really usfull.



I really don't give a monkies about what you think of me, this is the internet, you have to have a thick skin, not offence taken. I am here to find the truth and I don't care where I get this from. If you are interested in who I am and my beliefs doing then please do search, I gave enough at the beginning of this post. Try searching me and "black swan" and see if you can follow the letters after it.

Many of you are literally performing experiments on your selves, which are valuable case studies that needs to be recorded and understood completely.

If we are going to find the whole truth and we are certainly not there yet, then we can start with case studies and opinons but we must also use the scienfitic process. Just because one part of the establishment of science is lost it does not mean the whole things is, look at the great advances in some areas of medicine or technology, eveyone acecssing this site has a computer and uses the internet. Quality research and good logic works. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Published evidence, even by the old gaurd is still evidence, it is an observation and there is truth in it. WHen you have the full truth then it fits all the facts, of all the papers and give a good explanation for the observations. We need this explanation, the answer or the phylosophy that explains eveything, and few are as focused as me in getting that. I've been through several ideas and philosophies and now I am focused on NCR. I'm talking to Dean and Plato and have take an osteopath on and we are going to see what we can do. What I get from this discussion will guide us in what we are doing.

Also only refer to the premaillay suture, I rely on the other sutures for my treatments, they very active in healthy individuals.

Has anyone here used longer pulling times and who can send me photos of what they have achived?

Finaly, please please please, could I ask people to talk some god quality images of them selves before they start treatment as good comparisons. The standard views are frontal, lateral and 45 degree. It is best to take them from a distance by zooming in, and having excellent light, may be not flash (depending on the situation) with a white background, without make up, hair pulled back (try a shower cap), standing upright looking forward ideally into a reflection of your selves (this is best practice), or pretend that you are gazing at the horizon over the sea in the distance. It is important to do this away from natural light that varies at times. Use the same equipment and the same differences, (if you are a real fanatic fix your aperture and magnification).

You never know what is going to happen. I would love to see some good results, but what ever happens you will have a good record even just for your self. You will need someone to give you a hand. Also try a variety of head inclinations, this is from expereince to trying to match before and afters, you can retake one today but not one in the past- unfortunately.

All the best,


Thank you all for your comments and opinions this is what I was wanting to hear. I did try the old crane which was anchored to the chest and was too mobile compared to the head, but have a hunch that I could make a better design based on the RAMPA japan- not much written in English on it- but I've personally seen the best facial results in adults from it.
It does seem strange that you can get much from even 30min a day, if so would a heavy and long meal not affect the cranial structure and teeth. From Ilizarov and the old orthopeadic surgeons I would expect a much longer wear to get the effect.
I agree what things in the mouth are going to be limited which is why I want to look at paranasal inflation and cranial osteopathy and anything else that might work.
The premaxilla is an interesting question, we could discuss it for days but in all the adult skulls that I've seen it is fused as it says in the text books. Also I don't like swartz or DNA or homeoblocks because they are taking up too much of the tongue space and at the end of the day the tongue is one of the major factors that hold the maxilla up and forward. So this is worsening the cause while treating the symptoms- which needs to be minimised.
The research on maxillary expansion really boils down to 4 rather poor papers, I read one in detail only to discover that the patients did not actually expand at the rate that he was talking about, he could have noticed this from his own results. In general the younger you are the more skeletal effect you have and the faster you expand the same- although I thing that rapid expansion is too damaging. It seems that above 25 and 45 make a difference- only anecdotal although if you have a stroke at any age the face melts down fast enough.
Has anyone been using harder levels of inflation or wearing their headgear for several hours a day?
Also I've contacted Plato and would be interested if anyone could recomend anywhere else to goto to ask such questions. Sorry for not being able to respond fast I am up to my eyeballs most of the time. Best wishes, Mike

I've had several patients come to me saying that he is no longer practicing, he would certainly owe them a call if he still is, but he's not responded to anything.
Apart from this, has anyone gained any information on wear times or types of head brace.

I've had several people congratulate me for the effort to trying to ask the membership of this site but i've had almost nothing useful back. As I mention I am very interested in what you as people that tried these things at home, have to say. Please give me some feedback.


Also I knew Amir, nice guy visited my surgery to see what we were doing but played his cards very close to his chest and I was never very sure of his actual beliefs, which is always a shame. Does anyone know where he has gone to?

Thanks, could anyone give me feedback about there levels of time that they wear their head-braces. In orthodontics we usually think that 8hrs is the minimum for any changes. But many of you are only using these devices for 15min or so, surely if such a short time gained an effect then a heavy meal could also affect facial change. It does not make sense but I am open to what you think?

The first thing, that I wanted to ask is how long you feel that you need to wear the headbrace to gain an effect. In orthodontics I would ask an adult to wear it for 18hrs.
I was shocked to hear Dean suggesting 15min, it seems crazy, do you have any of you opinions or better some hard evidence?

Dear All,

I am an orthodontist, one of the few third generation orthodontists and son of possibly the most controversial orthodontist in the world, who is wanting to find out what is really happening, in regard to the cause, pathology and cure of malocclusion and its relationship to other problems with the head and neck- TMD, sleep apnoea, glue ear, back and neck problems, sinusitis, deviated nasal septums etc etc......

Over the last 2 years I've visited practitioners all over the world in an attempt to find the best ways to move the maxilla up and forwards- which I feel is an integral part of correcting this problem. More recently talking to Dean Howell. I am very broad minded, and want to seek your help but also want to hear more than just your opinions or hearsay. The era of doctor knows best is truly over, and as I am trying to design the perfect protocol I thought that it might be a good idea to consult people that are effectively experimenting on them selves, since amongst you there is a great deal of latent knowledge.

If you are interested in what I am doing then here are some links;

You will notice that I am using my real name, please respect this and give polite informative responses. At times in medicine we have to agree to disagree, I'm not a novice at this procedure in children and am arguably achieving the best facial changes ever gained in children. Its my mission to improve this and work on adults as well. Your help would be greatly appreciated, my specific goal is to design the perfect headgear and oral appliance, and to work out the best level of wear of the headgear.

Thank you very much in advance,

Best wishes,


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