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Many of you are aware that I created a gap in front two upper incisors via lateral expansion of the dental palate. The teeth did not tip or fray out whatsoever.

My right upper lateral incisor has been crooked all of my pubescent life. Even braces didn't fully solve it since I had zero oral posture during the treatment. As soon as I stopped wearing my retainer, it regressed to its old crooked position, slightly overlapping the right upper front incisor adjacent to it.

Having adequately expanded my dental palate to accomodate the posterior portion of the tongure (1.5 years) I began to focus on the anterior portion of the dental palate. All four upper incisors are now spaced apart by about 1mm which is **** crazy because they were crowded and right two years ago. The crooked lateral incisor is now isolated and free to rotate into a position inline with my lips and tongue. Basically I'm straightening my teeth again. I've been getting borderline braces-tier soreness in that region.

so ya i have a 1mm diastema now or so, it will close once im done expanding and finished correcting tooth alignment.

to my knowledge, nobody on this planet is getting the sort of mewing results that i have. i got at it all day and all night. hehehehe happy happy hehe

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