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Cranial Restructuring / The Great Work down for maintenance
« on: May 19, 2018, 01:22:37 pm »
Website is down for upgrades
Apologies, we didn't intend for it to go offline, but now it's going to be down for a while.
Estimated 24 more hours, we're working all day on this but we have to wait for two different companies to separately fix what they broke in our DNS and SSL lookups.
The website should be faster when everything comes back up though.

Cranial Restructuring / Re: NEW FORUM
« on: February 06, 2018, 03:49:11 pm »
Bump! We'd love as many people sharing their face-pulling experiences on the new forum as possible, multiple users are working on it over there. We've still to transfer old posts from BTM from here to the new website, but we're working on it.

 Something with SQL tables went completely sideways when the website performed an automatic update. The bad news is that for almost two weeks nobody could post - and we had multiple new users sign ups during this time as well. Hopefully we didn't just lose them. I was away from my home desktop which had the logins and tools for database maintenance. Frustrated and a bit embarrassed, I had to just watch as the forum sat empty for 2 weeks until I could reach home.

The good news is that I've hired someone to handle the technical aspect of the website for me. From now on someone who will be checking the website twice daily and performing the maintenance updates and fixing the issues that happen with each update. This should never happen again, and I apologise for how long it took to fix.


Cranial Restructuring / Mike Mew AMA/Live Q&A Session
« on: September 23, 2017, 02:59:36 pm »

Please put whatever comments or ideas you would like to have curated and sent to the doctor there. It'll be forwarded in ~3 days, post as many questions as you may have


Your body had an ideal form. The limit to expansion should be when the ideal is hit. If you are too small compared to the ideal, you have problems. If you are too large, you have problems. Just get to your genetic ideal

There are two people talking about this here if you want to join

Cranial Restructuring / Re: Active Expander Review
« on: August 27, 2017, 08:21:04 am »
11x0.25= about 2.75mm of expansion for you? Does this seem to be about what happened?

Typically in treatment a patient undergoing lots of expansion will have to periodically have new expanders fitted. I was told by a professional that I needed 8+mm of expansion and that it may happen with one expander or I may need two. However many people have gotten 8+mm of expansion using only a single expander, so it is possible that the impressions that you sent in were not perfect and this resulting in slipping over time. I took impressions myself and then went and got impressions taken professionally at a dental office: The difference in resolution of the palate/teeth was MASSIVE with the material the dentist used compared to the impression material sent by BrShop.

Are you attempting to expand any further, or have you decided to stop as a result of the slipping? I am currently attempting to get in touch with dental labs to see if expanders can be made cheaply and locally, would you intend to continue expansion?

Also, because this forum has been abandoned by the owners and moderators I am hoping this community can shift to a new website:

I would greatly appreciate if you could post your review and the effects of the appliance there for other users who are either waiting to receive the expander or considering making an order.  I am hoping to archive a list of success stories as well as their rates of expansion/amount of expansion so that we aren't constantly losing research potential when users go away and delete posts.

Introduction / NEW FORUM
« on: August 26, 2017, 02:47:23 pm »
Please join and contribute to the discussion at

Cranial Restructuring / NEW FORUM
« on: August 26, 2017, 12:59:17 pm »

I have found many separate communities online on all sorts of websites, and have been frustrated to see we are dealing with dead communities/blogs/videos from over five years ago. BreakTheMatrix is no longer under any ownership or moderation, and unfortunately many times people drop off the radar and offer no more updates.

I am making an attempt to pull people from all of the the places on the internet discussing the topics at hand and bring them onto a central forum. I am also making attempts to bring professional chiros, ABC practitioners, dentists, orthos and so forth into the discussion. A main hurdle seems to be that they want to see that there is an ongoing civil discussion before they put their name near any website, so hopefully we can accomplish this.

There are about 13 pages worth of threads here that I will be archiving as best as I can so that we can transition as much of this information over to the new forum as possible. I am working on creating a full article on the website so that new users have a launching point to begin understanding.

If you use the same username here that you use on the new website, I'll leave names on posts before I transfer them over. Otherwise the posts will be transitioned anonymously.

Thank you, I hope we can continue the discussion there and that this community mixes well with the new users that I am attempting to bring in from other places on the internet/real life.

Kindest Regards,


Cranial Restructuring / Re: Removable Palatal Expander
« on: August 18, 2017, 09:11:55 am »
It would be a wise idea

Cranial Restructuring / Re: Ensuring Proper Growth In Children
« on: August 18, 2017, 09:07:43 am »
The tongue is the scaffolding from which the maxillary process is formed properly in the skull. This scaffolding should result in a palate will be both wide and forward grown enough to comfortably fit the tongue snugly on the roof of the mouth behind the upper row of teeth from the gum line at the incisors all the way to the wisdom teeth.

An early indicator that something is not properly developing is biting of the edges of the tongue.
As the situation deteriorates, there is less and less space for the tongue in the mouth and so some of it is pushed back into the airway. To restore breathing, the head will tilt back, the next sign that something is wrong. This backwards tilt makes the situation worse, as gravity is now pushing the maxillary process backwards into the face further pushing the tongue into the airway.

In order to align the eyes with the horizon again, the head will slowly maintain the backwards tilt while shifting forward and out.

The proper postural pattern is encoded in everyone, however any sort of trauma (forceps birth, back injury, feet injury etc)  can result in the body compensating in reaction - this compensation should only be temporary, but often we end up with permanently improper spine and organ posture which deteriorates with time.

The tongue's upward pressure should be holding the skull upright and tilted forward in such a way that the face and eyes are perpendicular to the ground (if the skull has developed properly). If there is not enough room for the tongue, the ability to apply this pressure so that the skull and face can scaffold around the tongue posture must be re-learned.

Cranial Restructuring / Re: Sutures of the palate
« on: August 02, 2017, 04:02:28 pm »
I used the Pythagorean theorem to calculate the hypotenuse of ThaGangsta's ideal dental arch. Then I rolled my neighbor's magic dice until I hit 6 thrice in a row and converted the amount of tries it took into percentages.

Cranial Restructuring / Re: Bracesshop expander arrived!
« on: August 02, 2017, 04:01:01 pm »
Awesome news. They said they shipped my impression kit yesterday. How long ago did you get that message? I'm also in the Americas

As for being loose, do you mean against the teeth or against the palate? Because that's a big difference. If it's loose against both, I suppose you just need to expand it a bit before putting it in. If your impressions were accurate, the expander being loose could mean that your tongue posture actually expanded your palate a little bit in the weeks between making the impression and receiving the device.

The mewing feeling less effective, in my opinion, means that your body is now calling for your to change where you are applying pressure. You can feel around with your tongue what works, push like that for a long while, and eventually your body will start asking for pressure somewhere else. In a 100% developed palate/maxilla, there is a proper tongue posture. In a poorly/underdeveloped one, there is no proper tongue posture: Only various different postures which will slowly shape it into the proper position where you can hold a resting tongue posture indefinitely.

Make sure your head posture is correct too though, the position of your skull can produce like 95% of the force of mewing.

Cranial Restructuring / Re: Sutures of the palate
« on: August 02, 2017, 02:50:41 pm »
How did you calculate that ideal?

Cranial Restructuring / Sutures of the palate
« on: August 01, 2017, 12:17:42 pm »
We know growth can occur at sutures with pressure applied over time. We know that sutures do not solidify until very late in life, and sometimes never at all. Here is an image of the sutures on your palate (the jagged lines).

Unsurprisingly, the palate expanders used everywhere have their expansion screws along one or more of these sutures. Now we average folk can see where the actual expansion is happening and by what function.

#7, the mid maxillary suture, can be expanded by about 1mm a week. We do not know the proper rates of expansion for the others yet, it may differ

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