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Cranial Restructuring / Re: Request for Self-NCR Guide
« on: February 19, 2018, 06:54:50 am »
I'd like to have the guide too

Cranial Restructuring / Re: Help, my back teeth are tipping when I expand
« on: February 19, 2018, 06:53:55 am »
Hi fire. I'm curious if you managed to fix your problems with tipping teeth

I am not personally surprised there are not *that* many pictures of people on forums such as these. First of all, we must take into account that the userbase is very small too. On most days , nothing is happening at all. Not a single post or whatever. The second and problably most obvious reason for a limited degree of visual 'Proof" is that most people are here for themself and to improve their looks and possibily health, in a way that is quite controversial. Alot of people on the 'outside world' consider new techniques on a forum without any 'professional' leading it, really quite odd. Also, we have to take into account that this type of looksmaxing especially for guys is still considered quite controversial too. Some things like working out are accepted these days and consisdered normal and 'healthy'. Although the amount of people who do plastic surgery is hundreds time more than those who are into techniques like described on this website, but the amount of picturse you will find on the internet is pretty limited even then when you compare it to the amount of people actually doing it. Most people prefer not to tell others about their plastic surgery, hair transplants and waht not. Especially guys. Go to such a forum and they talk about how you should do it in your vacation and never go out side, so people will not notice and stuff.
So even with things that are considered much more mainstream like plastic surgery, people are generally not really open about it. So if you compare such a mainstream thing as that to visitiing a site like this, and using these 'strange'  techniques like people do here on themself without supervision from a professional is not considered that normal. Not many people are  building your own braces to change the shape of your head, and most would never believe that it would work either or why it mattes where your maxilla is located, because they have no clue what a maxilla is.

I honestly think if you compare the amount of actual users doing anything and the amount of people who put up pictures, the percentage is not even that small. I mean, most plastic surgeon websites showcase like 5 people, and they do it for a living.

Cranial Restructuring / Re: New information related to face-pulling
« on: February 06, 2018, 04:55:53 am »
I think being calm and let your body be in that calm state definately helps in creating changes. After all, this is the same for digestion. Digestion only works correctly if you are relaxed, because if your body is in 'fight or flight mode' , the body does not consider your digestion the priority at the moment, but your nervous system and muscles since they help you out of a stressing situatio. So when you eat and digest, you should also be very calm and such for optimal digestion.

So yeah, it would make sense that if  you put pressure on your body you should always make sure you do not put so much stress on it that it comes in this same 'fight or flight'mode, since maybe that blocks any changes from happening. The body is then in defence mode too much, not in 'repair' mode. Maybe the best would be to, while facepulling, is to do something extremely relaxing. For example watch a comedy show or movie or whatever to make your mind positivive, put on relaxing music etc etc

At least, my 2 cents;)

I think my teeth came forward, since my mouth feels different inside. I have to stretch my tounge more to touch my teeth, so I am sure about that. My sister uses facepulling too, and for her I can really see her mouth area having come forward more and her lips became fuller too.

I have to say though, that starecta does really not seem like a good idea to me, since it lengtens the face , which I think is the opposite one should be doing, because looking at from a nature point of view, it does not make the face look more balanced. It does the opposite of that. Wider faces look more healthy than longer ones and in our nature we tend to 'know' when a face human looks healthy (aka 'goodlooking") , but most people are not aware *Why* they find it appealing to look at, but there's a natural logical reason behind anything.

Maybe starecta kinda solves a problem, or fully does it, but I do think it's a really natural kinda solution. It kinda forces the face and body into changes that the body would have never done itself.  Maybe by doing that it takes away issues you have with your body, and then that's great, but I think it can create problems too at the same time. By wearing these things between your mouth you end up needing some extra teeth on top of your teeth (so to say) to keep your bite fitting. Just my 2 cents though

Cranial Restructuring / Re: Long face but still good maxilla?
« on: February 06, 2018, 04:35:22 am »
I think each individual facial shape are ashould be taken into consideration if one rates the maxilla location and rotation. I think it is definately possible to have a longer face and good maxilla. If you take a frontal picture of a person with a good maxilla, and make it more narrow with photoshop, it will still look like a 'good looking' person, aka a healthy developed face.
The thing is that features tell alot more about the maxilla.

for example

- Is the mouth area located more forwards (as it with with many black people) then the maxilla is usually more forward
- How long is the 'midface' of a person? (height from mouth to eye area).The longer the nose (height) in comparison with the chin and upperpart of face (above eyes) height, the worse the maxilla usually is

I both disagree and agree with the part about races having different faces, but not different maxilas. I believe strongly when looking at different races that, at this moment in time at least, not each ethnicity has an equally forward maxilla in terms of *averages* . I've noticed south europeans and north africans ( 'arabs') more often have a more recessed maxilla, just as black people more often have a  forward maxilla etc etc...This is why I think north africans (arabs) and south europeans usually have more eyelid exposure too than north europeans and long-ish noses that point downward. The more north/west-ish you go (germany, scandinavia etc) , the less eyelid exposure you will usually see and the more 'upturned' the noses will be (on average)

Cranial Restructuring / Re: A Focus on the Nose
« on: January 12, 2018, 12:15:12 pm »
Well, first of all good to see you joined the 'party'here. (i must say this "party" can always use some new members)
Anyway, good to hear you achieved results with improving your face using Dr Mew's techniques.

I myself had quite a decently big nose too which improved after doing 1 NRC session (with professional) which did absolutely nothing visible to change my facial features at that moment. However, the next day after the NCR I started doing the hockey helmet facepulling technique and within 2 days my girlfriend saw differences. They progressed for motnhs and months. i saw them too, but yeah if you only see it yourself it's not really that objective). I went on doing facepulling for about a year or so this way and especially in the beginning alot of progress was made. My face which was long became wider, eyes got a more positice calthal tilt and my nose became smaller AND smaller looking

Both my nose became smaller because
- My cheekbone area and maxilla came forward, in a way that took off that hard "edge" I had around my nose. It looks more refined now
- my face became wider, but not my nose, making my nose look smaller too in relative terms in comparison to the face

I personally do not think the problem of big noses lie in muscles at all, but only really in *bone* in most of the cases, and not in soft tissue, but I can ot say for sure because I can not see your face.

- Maybe you can tell me that in the areas where it feels big, does it feel like they're bones underneath the big areas or is it the soft tissue (the nosetip for exampleis soft tissue).
- Is it more too wide, too thick, too much pointing down, too long (downwards compared to the rest of your features)?
- Maybe you have a picture of some nose (and by preference face) on the internet that looks like your nose, which could give us (or me? ) a better idea of the type of problem with your nose
- how is your face shape overal? is it long and thin-ish?

I believe I've basically seen 2 type of problems where noses seem big

1.  A recessed maxilla (or - a recessed AND rotated maxilla)
2.  A lack of facial bone growth in your face overal, mostly in the lower regions (which is the result of too little growth cause of low related hormones such as HGH)

1.  So when the maxilla positioning is the problem,  there could be enough bone in your face, but it's not positioned well, which gives the appearance of a big nose, which will give a more longish head usually. The face bones*did* grow, but not in the right directions
2.  There is a lack of bones, which gives a relatively small head. The whole face did not grow as much. this gives the person a relative youngish babyface. The more faces grow under the influence of (male) hormones, the more the lower regions of the face grow, such as the chin and the jaws. The bigger they grow, the more they will balance out a big nose. A big nsoe on itself is hardly ever really the problem. It's often that the OTHER features of the face as the jaw and underside of the face did not grow enough to balance it out and make it look aestheticly pleasing

A third option could be that it's actually both. I think alot of people where their looks look off, have a bit of both. The thing is that if bones grow big enough, they sorta make up for some of the aesthetic problems that for example mouth breathing can give. For example, stuff like stroids make cheekbones grow, and all the facial bones. In men with big eyes, they will make the eyes smaller over time when the steroids are used, because the bones in all directions, so forward too. If you only have a lack of hormones, you get a typical babyface. On itself without any moutbreathing this does not look that bad. It will only make you look young and not tough and manly, but not that aestheticly unpleasing to the eye. More a bit gender neutral/youngish etc..

To come back to  your question, If there's anyone asking to try out some methods that might help, i'm always voting 'hell yeah'. We're a limited group of people here investing time in this subject, so any kind of information or self experimentation is more than welcome in my idea

Cranial Restructuring / Re: Another Update For You Guys
« on: July 31, 2017, 05:42:36 am »
That's a huge progress Jamo!  Indeed the first total transformation, based on what i've seen in the pictures. I wondered if there's any reason you particularly made the eyes on the 'before'invisible? Is this because otherwise people you know can find this pictures back, or does it have another reason?

The thing is I'm really curious to see the difference in eye area in these pics. I remember from other pics, I've seen of you in the past, that your eyes have become much more hooded.

i'd try faecpulling for a few months, and see if the results you see satisfy you enough. I was hooked when i started facepulling! I always wanted to 'fix' things that did not seem right (like in your head you know what things are supposed to look like) but I found most unnatural methods the same as regular Medicine. Not aimed at fixing the root, but aimed on fixing the end result, meaning the root problem is usually not taken away, and the possible impact of the things you're doing (like surgery) in the future is uncertain. I agree that it's better to try things like facepulling before, because even though I could see the problem was not fixed in some weeks, I definately saw changes and the whole face changes in a harmonic way. That is maybe the biggest good side about natural approaches, they make changes that look NATURAL and keep the harmonics of the face well, and most possibily improved. The thing with surgery is that it can look fake, or even if it does not look really fake, something about the harmonics of the face seems off, in a way that makes the face looks like it had plastic surgery. My face was pretty thin and long, and now while its still not compact, my jaws and even next to my eyes I my face has expanded, making my face seem alot more logic. Also i got rid of tired eyes (were droopy now horizontal) and i actually have somewhat cheeks now, which i totally lacked before. I've not done enough  of facepuling lately though!

Cranial Restructuring / Re: How does one -facepull-?
« on: May 17, 2017, 03:57:54 am »
id guess you can use the palate expander you already have, if it has attachment points to it where you can attach the elastics to, if you want to use the 'classic' facepull technique that equals the hockey helmet. There are so many ways to facepull, there is not only one static way to do it

Cranial Restructuring / Re: Handling your body
« on: May 05, 2017, 10:29:16 am »
Maybe it's the same thing as Mike mew said about that your body structure and function, as in changing structure changes function and changing function changes structure, so  both following eachother too, with the skull/body thing. If you change one, the onger changes with it. They are possibily simply connected/related to one another.

Cranial Restructuring / Re: On scoliosis
« on: May 05, 2017, 08:04:00 am »
for lower back pain id recommend 1 treatment atlax profilax...its all it took for all the 4 people i send it to and me to get our forward head posture solved and 2 backpain reduced 70%, 1 knee pain solved 100% and now its more difficult to sit 'wrong'than right. Normally i'd sit and just hang forward , not straight up. i could sit straight up , but i would have to forced it with musccle strength. Now it costs effort to sit the way i sit before. Like the structure now can keep itself up, and is bascically in the right postion. I have scoliosis too , but i am not sure if it helped for that though. I never had complaints, other than that it was visible i was skinnier when i was younger it was more visible than now. (aka bones stick out more so more obvious like shoulders  unevenly high. That part doesnt get solved by atlas profilax, but the guy said that treated me with it , said that over time the structure of the body slowly will even itself out more, since the cause of the unevenness is oftne the atlas, however since it has been in that position for pretty much your whole life, the muscles adapted towards that and at the moment its your muscles that are still holding some parts in the wrong position/location. When its uneven, some get longer or shorter ..etc.. Not sure if this was helpful, but since this method helped me more than any supplement ive ever taken or other health related thing ive ever done (See my old posts about it) i really recommend it to anyone with even somewhat related issues. Just read the reviews about it online..very good, and fortuantely consistant with my exprience and the 4 people in my life ive send there as well.

did anyone else did it here? i know 1 person did it ..forgot her name...the woman who had pictures of herself before after ncr too, that had the horse kicked in her face. I got the idea from her on another site

Cranial Restructuring / Re: Jaw pain from chewing falim gum
« on: April 06, 2017, 03:18:46 pm »
Maybe the problem is that your maxilla is not rotated or located the right way to begin with, which simply shows issues you already may have had. It could be that after facepulling, NCR, beltfacepulling, thumbfacepulling or whatever, your issue might not come at all with the chewming. it could be some bones are dislocated from their most desired location, which by chewing shows the problem. It could be that right now something is not located right and adding pressure on it, shows the problems you might alreay have (structural problems in the literal way). This is just a theory though, but things like TMJ are usually seen in people with small jaws, and small jaws are usually recessed, maxilla low..etc

This is just an idea though, so take it for what you think it's worth.

Cranial Restructuring / Re: how to fix asymmetrical cheekbones
« on: March 27, 2017, 12:19:47 pm »
yes it makes sense you want to fix it! I think purely theoretical at least pulling the opposites site of the one you pulled, will recreate the same situation in terms of symmetry as you started with. that would seem the most logical. From there on, another method could be better to solve the asymmetry problem

Cranial Restructuring / Re: how to fix asymmetrical cheekbones
« on: March 26, 2017, 01:57:37 pm »
I think for sure it's better to have symmetry, but as far as it comes to attractiveness, I think it's role is not that big as often thought. With most people who have asymmetry, apart from something like a very uneven nose, you can not really tell in real life, unless they are photographed from purely the front, even if you've known the person for years. Striking features like good defined cheekbones are much more important than symmetry. Symmetry has to be studied, unlike much more apparent overal shapes and their composition to one another. Alot of celebs are full of asymmetry if you study their faces, but it does not really matter anyone much. Some have 1 eyelid visible and the other not, and if you mirror them, it doesnt really look that much better.I would much rather have good defined cheekbones that were a bit uneven than less cheekbones absolutely symmetrical. Not trying to discredit this thread in any way. Symmetry is always better of course, but forward growth and overal harmony between the different parts of the face (golden ratio) are much more important.

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