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Cranial Restructuring / Re: Transformer's Progress Journal
« on: August 19, 2014, 12:54:57 am »
Awesome. Too few people sharing their results, thanks by the way for actually going through with it.

Cranial Restructuring / Re: Bottom teeth position
« on: June 16, 2014, 07:11:56 am »
Hey Knoppe,

I actually had both but about 80-90% of my problem was caused by head trauma.

My wisdom teeth were extracted and my dental arches were collapsed but it wasn't extreme

I agree about those categories, and I don't think people whose problems are caused by "Underdeveloped face/collapsed dental arches/mutilation from "traditional orthodontics" respond as well as head trauma people to NCR/ballooning.

Cranial Restructuring / Re: Bottom teeth position
« on: May 18, 2014, 10:42:48 am »
Hey Beau no problem, glad I started this forum. Thanks for the compliments.

I don't think the problem is because you've only targeted one side of your face, and I've heard of a couple other people with those issues in the beginning but it seemed to resolve itself - however people drop out of contact so often that I'm not sure, they never did a year-later follow up or anything. The only way the mandible/lower teeth change position as far as I can imagine is through changes to the TMJ. You might not have gotten much change there yet. It would be good to see an NCR doctor and ask them, they've seen people change in more detail than me.

"Is this NCR thing completely mechanical, meaning after you treat and you hear and feel expansion thats the limit for your face for that treatment, OR does your face continue to expand for some time after"

I used to ask my doctors this. What I've figured out is the visible results are instantaneous after inflating, but then the body rebuilds the muscles, connective tissue, ligaments, skin and other bits to the new configuration of the bones.

Cranial Restructuring / The Crane
« on: April 24, 2014, 12:49:06 pm »
This is a thread for people who have used (or are using) this device.

Let us know about it.

if you hold your breath and/or affix the balloon properly, there's no real possibility of that happening.

I think that's awesome you're tackling everything at once. It's the only way to go.

What sort of jaw surgery was it? Can you go into detail?

Ben it's simple really, when I make a conscious effort in every way to for example avoid marketing tactics and someone comes along and writes this: "I got the same feeling as you though mate, in that there seems to be undertones of something shady going on here lots of suggestive material and almost a marketing feel to it from Ben.S and Messiah but you know they are not getting any money from me directly so I'm just happy to see how it all plays out."

How am I supposed to interpret this? these are the accusations: 1) shady undertones 2) suggestive material 3) marketing feel to something that shouldn't be marketed 4) no money given from you directly, as if that's a great accomplishment/decision and everyone else wasting $$$ on us 5) happy to see it play out - which could be interpreted in about 3 different ways, one of them being that you're the passive observer waiting to observe a PR/marketing disaster.

So, sorry to flame/jump the gun but that's just one sentence in what you wrote. Now you can understand why it pissed me off

Did you take before photos ?

Why don't you take after photos from the same angle, because it is very common for people not to notice changes in the mirror as they happen so gradually. And if there are no improvements you'll know for sure.

Other Ben: how do I even begin to dismantle this clusterf*ck of inane, insulting accusations? I think the reason your comment p*sses me off so much is because it turns reality completely upside down, it's the exact opposite of what's true.

I do sympathize with you though. If I could solve the mystery about why some of us get great results, some progress slowly and others get none I would. It's a work in progress.

You want to know how much money I get from writing all those articles on my website and helping people through phone/skype on a regular basis? About $150-200 a month. Those are slave wages by the way - below minimum wage. People who get great results don't compensate me because there's no pressure to do so, and because they do most of the work, I just point them in the direction. Just like there's no pressure to post photos so people don't. People are selfish because I don't have a personal relationship with them - it's the Internet. Remember the guy who sent me those profile photos everyone thinks are amazing? He only sent them because he wanted my feedback about whether the changes are even there. He thought he was making it up. Since then the guy hasn't even replied to his email (I asked for updates).

Another guy was skyping me just the other day talking about how much his life has changed since doing this (it's been over a year for him). He was talking about how girls who used to dismiss him are paying attention to him now, how he looks like a whole new person -- even his family and friends have noticed. How he has none of the breathing problems, headaches and neck issues that plagued his life every day. I asked him multiple times to post photos and eventually he might but that's his business. 

But.. I got the same feeling as you though mate, in that there seems to be undertones of something shady going on here lots of suggestive material and almost a marketing feel to it from Ben.S and Messiah but you know they are not getting any money from me directly so I'm just happy to see how it all plays out.

If it wasn't already obvious, it should now be that I'm not doing this for money--and whatever Messiah earns from referrals is chump change (if it's anything at all).  She probably comes across as marketing because she's used to running a few websites and sells supplements/alt medicine stuff through it, she puts affiliate marketing banners in her email tags and had one on this forum for several months until I recently decided to delete it due to several complaints.

 Years ago I was naive and hoped everyone would improve the way I did because some of the guys I helped early on were getting the same results as me, so I posted a few comments on youtube (3 or 4) and a few on alternative forums. One of the first people I helped goes by CP I think? He has a blog.. forgot the url, something about reclaimingpower. That guy has visited this forum on many occasions and yet he hasn't posted photos either. Honestly I thought this could change the world or at least a good segment of it. It was that comment you're reacting to, when I was so optimistic and hopeful about everyone getting the same results as me.

People like you, who do this and don't see any benefit make me seriously consider removing my article and website. In fact after two people had bad/no results (one of them posted on this forum), I actually refused to help people for a few months but it was the fact that there are so many more good results than bad results that prompted me to keep helping and refining the article.

If my goal was marketing, I wouldn't do it this way. This might be one of the worst marketing campaigns in human history. Hell this forum doesn't even link to my website anymore. My only goal is to be plain and honest with people and to help those people who want to help themselves. If you're not getting help here, by all means help yourself out.

Yeah Paffalot, well I completely understand your perspective and mostly agree.

Wish I had could come up with a better solution than harassing people for photos.

From my perspective studying it, I don't think face pulling is any more likely than NCR/endonasal inflations to bring the mandible forward. If it comes forward it should be because the temporozygomatic arch (maybe the entire zygomatic process) shifts laterally and that's just as likely to happen from NCR/inflations as face pulling. Look at this picture

The condyle/round part where the mandible connects into a socket in the back - there's a disc/connective tissue in there and ligaments holding connecting that part of the mandible to the temporozygomatic arch.. If the zygomatic arch moves out laterally the ligaments "loosen" or extend slightly over time and that's what could pull the mandible slightly forward. It's prob a little bit more complicated and I could be wrong it's just the only thing that makes sense to me.

You can see better on this photo, the stylomandibular ligament

Cranial Restructuring / Re: Self NCR
« on: February 09, 2014, 09:10:41 am »
Quote from: Complexx
NO OFFENSE TO BEN OR ANYTHING BUT: I really don't see the big deal with Ben's progress... If anything his nose looks even more out of place. He needs to do some face pulling/palate expansion or something because NCR alone obviously is cutting it. I think he looks so much better BUT you can't say all of this stuff optimizes your facial structure when you look like you have a deviated septum. I know all of this stuff works but they have to be COMBINED. Just my 2c.

LOL I hear you Complexx but that photo where my my nose looks out of place was old, and it's mainly due to poor lighting. The reason I keep it as the main photo on my website is because it doesn't really look like me. It shows a big improvement without giving away my identity to people just browsing through the site aimlessly.

In my recent photos you should see that my nose is centered/straight/aligned.

Guys I am not sensitive to criticism, I even had a separate area people could post these types of comments in the forum but nobody used it, so I just deleted it. Feel free to speak your mind here without censorship. I've only banned one guy in the history of this forum.

To be honest the fact that there are so many people here, and so many threads and still however, the very same 2 people only have posted the same pictures like thousand times already rings a bell

Paffalot: who are these two people? MessiahMews and who else?

It is possible she can earn a referral discount off the next NCR session if she sends someone to Hillary, but otherwise there are no incentives whatsoever for her to post NCR results except a desire to help/share. However as the forum admin I will clean up the extra photo posts and replace them with a link to the original testimonial.

On that note, I know several people who have amazing night and day before/after photos - using the endonasal balloon inflations and facepulling, but I still can't get them to post their photos. I've asked repeatedly and there's always a "as soon as X Happens..." excuse. There are a lot of reasons for this unfortunate phenomenon. it's mainly the discomfort of people seeing what they used to look like, but also laziness.

Cranial Restructuring / Re: Facepullling and Open bites
« on: February 05, 2014, 10:58:06 am »
I'll get around to it this year definitely, but yeah my palate is expanded. I can take some photos to show people. Unfortunately I don't have any before pictures...

Awesome :]

For those that don't know, Ian is the guy in the photos on my main website in the cranial restructuring article (I won't link it).

Introduction / Re: Welcome (introduce yourself)
« on: February 01, 2014, 11:37:32 pm »
Welcome :)

This isn't the most busy forum on all of the Internet but it's definitely a small group of very intelligent cranium enthusiasts. It's such an unlikely and quirky special interest we share here.

Sometime this year I will probably deactivate my website since I'm moving on to other things, but I'll always keep this forum up. It's a nice community.

You can share your youtube channel here by the way.

I do want to say, however you are going about this, proceed with reasonable caution and don't get your hopes up too high. Wait to see how things go. I'd love to say everyone gets the same results but I'd be lying. So good luck and feel free to keep everyone up to date with your experience. Hope you enjoy the forum :)

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