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Hey everyone,

In the hope that this is interesting to some, I'm going to review what my experiences with cranial restructuring have taught me.

Before I get started though:


The first thing to understand is that every one has a certain genetic potential as to how their bone structure is meant to be.  What determines whether you achieve this is breathing habits during your developmental years (childhood).  One is supposed to breath through their nose, with their tongue on the roof of the mouth.  It is the tongue which shapes the palate/dental arches.  The tongue is nature's natural face-pulling and palate expansion device.

The second thing to understand is that this genetic potential can still be achieved at any point in life.  NCR, FP, and palate expansion are the tools required to achieve this.

Here's my opinion on how these individual methods work:

NCR:  By gently nudging the sphenoid bone located at the top-back of the throat directly behind the nose, the sutures in the skull are loosened.  The benefits of this are twofold:  1.  The cranial bones can now settle into their optimal positions, and 2.  Loosening the cranial sutures greatly enhance the achievable results from FP and palate expansion.

After 2-3 months of doing NCR everyday, I stopped seeing results (the best indicator of results is the skull feeling sensitive in areas where movement occured).  My skull had reached its optimal configuration.  Genetic potential acheived!

FP:  This is by far the simplest technique, but extremely effective.  All you are doing with face-pulling is moving everything forward out of your airway.  No new bone is being built.  This means there is no limit on how much face-pulling you can do at once. 

When you're face-pulling your skull should ache.  Not serious pain, but discomfort. 

Once I realized this I did a lot of face-pulling over the course of a few days.  I experienced significant results.  Up to that point I had face-pulled only a few minutes each day and stopped when things really started aching.  I didn't realize the aching was the sign of things moving!  During the course of those few days, eventually the aching stopped:  My face was as far forward as it was meant to be.  I no longer FP because I no longer see results.  Genetic potential acheived!

Edit:  After writing this I decided to try FP again for the first time in several weeks.  I found I am actually still seeing results, just not as significant as before.  Therefore I am going to start up FP again!  I will update this thread with my progress.

The most amazing thing about FP:  I believe maximum results can be achieved in a very short period of time, maybe even a single session.  However since I have maximized my results I have no way of testing this theory!  Please exhibit caution if you attempt FP!  Don't hurt yourself.

Changes you will notice:  Slightly stronger bone structure.  Better symmetry.  Better breathing.  The most tangible result I found was that your singing voice will improve.  Try singing after FP and your voice will be a bit "off", but then will adjust and be better than before.

A note on my FP technique:  I used a mouthguard/shoelace device.  I wore gardening gloves for better grip and to protect my hands.  I would wrap the laces around my fingers and get them right up to the mouthguard.  I pulled using in a fast pulsating manner rather than using a continuous force.  I found this more effective and much less tiring on the arms.

Palate expansion:  This is something I am currently looking into.  I had bicuspid extractions as a child so my dental arches are way too small.  This has given me many problems, such as scoliosis, TMJ (my mandible is crammed way back), breathing problems, etc..  Of course all of this is very detrimental to one's looks.

I have found an amazing orthodontist who specializes in ALF orthodontics (If one is interested in palate expansion, I would recommend ALF).  The only problem is cost and time (this could take over $25,000 over 3 years).  The program would involve using ALF to expand the dental arches, followed by damon braces to create proper gaps in the teeth, then implants/bridges.

This is something I am going to do eventually, but it is not feasible for me right now. 

Finally, I modified my face-pulling device to make it stay in the mouth better.  There are a total of six holes.  Here is a picture:

Feel free to provide questions or comments!

Cranial Restructuring / Walrus' Self-NCR Diary
« on: April 24, 2013, 03:33:24 pm »
Hey everyone,

Recently I started self-NCR treatment and think it is worthwhile to document my experiences in order to both learn and educate!  I hope someone may find this useful.  If you have any advice or guidance to offer me, I'd greatly appreciate it (I posted my questions at the bottom)!

The protocol I am following was describediny an email written by Ben, which another forum member forwarded to me.

Session 1  Began Tues, April 16, 2013

4 consecutive days:  Day 1 (D1): upper and lower left turbinates (UL/L).  Day 2 (D2): upper and lower right turbinates (UL/R).   D3=D1.  D4=D2. 
1 finger cot. 
Treat each turbinate 3-4 times each day.

D1 involved becoming comfortable with sticking a balloon up my nose.  At some point, the balloon inflated into my throat, gagging me.  Then it popped.  After that, I decided I'd had enough for the day.  Side effects of this day were soreness behind my nose on the left side.  Probably from stretching the turbinates.

D2. I had a frustrating time getting the balloon out of the turbinates and into my throat.  For some reason I find this more difficult on the right side.  Expanding the balloon in the turbinates is painful, and caused me to tear up.  I found trying switching turbinates helps, as well as changing balloons.  Eventually I got to the open space though.  I found 3 pumps of the bulb worked.  4 pumps and I would start to gag.  I also felt popping in my ears after 3 pumps.  This was a similar sensation to when flying on an airplane.  Side effects again were soreness behind my nose, this time on the right side though.  I also developed flu-like symptoms, mainly stuffiness.

I noticed improvement in facial symmetry after this day, which amazed me.  Also, I believe my wonky feet (I have duck feet, especially on the right side) straightened out somewhat.

D3, D4.  The flu-like symptoms had subsided, so I proceeded with treatment.  I don't remember specific incidences from these days, so they must have been relatively unremarkable.  I would inflate until my ears popped, and then would deflate.  A couple more balloons popped, so I switched from size medium cots to large.

2 day break.

Other effects from session 1:  Tiredness.  I would often need to lie down after treatment.  Feelings of calmness and focus.  Temporary sensation in random body parts (arms, hands, legs).

Learning to attach the finger cot well was frustrating.  Very important though.     

Session 2  Began Mon, April 22, 2013

I am still just becoming comfortable with the treatment.  It's a little unsettling to inflate a balloon (finger cot) inside your head!

4 consecutive days.
1 finger cot. 
Treat each turbinate 3-4 times each day.
I began treating the middle turbinate as well.

D1:UML/L.  No new and remarkable sensations.  Again, inflation until my ears popped.  3 pumps was no longer working, likely because of a new balloon and it being attached differently.  I instead used short, quick pumps, which inflated the balloon slower, but in a more controlled manner.  This involved 20, 30 or more little pumps.  I'm still apprehensive about over-inflating the balloon and harming myself, even though I'm not sure if this is even possible with only 1 balloon.  As I see it, over-inflating will either a) pop the balloon or b) gag me, both of which I have already done and which caused no harm.  However, it is always best to trust one's instincts, so I will continue to proceed with caution.  I will try and inflate more as I become more comfortable with the treatment. 

D2:UML/R.  Again, pain and frustration due to balloon inflating inside the turbinates instead of the space in behind.  Changing balloons solved this.  I'm still trying to determine how much I should be inflating the cot.  At around 3:50 in the vid below you can hear how much air is released from the balloon.  This is significantly more than I have been inflating, so I will gradually work towards more inflation. 

Mild headache after treatment, behind my right eye.

D3=D1:  Still getting comfortable with inflating the balloon.  I used deeper pumps today, and even though I thought I was pumping a lot, not much air was released upon deflation.  I would inflate until my ears popped, then slowly keep inflating.  Often my ears would pop again.  I do not believe I am over-inflating as I am not usually gagging (I gagged once today, which I had not done since session 1). 

No post-treatment symptoms whatsoever so far.  No fatigue either for the first time.

Edit:  D4=D2:  The entire procedure was more comfortable today.  Again, inflating until ears popped, then deflation.  At this point it gets harder to pump, as I gather the balloon is pushing against my skull. 

No PT symptoms again or fatigue


How much inflation have people found to work?  Is the optimal amount of inflation to the point just before gagging?

How many times do people treat each turbinate each day?


Hello?  I hope this place is still alive.

First off, thank you Ben for sharing your knowledge and experience in order to help others.  And thank you to everyone else who has shared their experiences and transformations.

I'm here to inquire about self-NCR.

It seems there are a lot of people eager to learn self-NCR, but no one willing to inform.

I understand the apprehension.  It is a powerful and potentially harmful technique... but it also has also helped a lot of people.

No one wants to be responsible for hurting anyone, but merely providing information does not harm anyone.  Individuals are responsible for their own decisions and actions.

I don't have the means to see an NCR professional, so I'm desperate to learn how I can help myself.  All I want is information.  Then I can decide whether it will help me.

So, with that said, is anyone willing to provide information regarding self-NCR?

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