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Posted by: catalino
« on: December 04, 2017, 07:53:50 pm »

I've been obsessed about my tongue posture for months but I started obsessing heavily somewhere around early October, around mid October I was constantly playing around with my tongue inside my mouth to find the "perfect" oral posture and by October 27th ish I developed a weird slight lower jaw jut in my sleep where I would wake up with my lower jaw close to an edge to edge bite position (I assume this was because I slept with my head tucked down into my chest, causing my lower jaw to slide out slightly when relaxed/sleeping) this continued on for about 3 weeks. and for another 2-3 weeks (early dec to late dec) I didn't have such a great tongue posture because I worried too much and played around with it too much, my tongue was curling up on my palate and caused the underside of it to push against my lower teeth (If you move your tongue tip too far back it will curl and collapse on itself bringing the underside forward, mine isn't as extreme as I just described, but still) . EDIT: Also, if it means anything, in early dec and late dec for some reason my jaw felt like it ached as if it wanted to move forward and I could feel my lower teeth on my upper teeth, thankfully this only lasted a short time and went away, I assume this was from the underside of my tongue pushing forward on the lower teeth.

So basically 1.5-2 months of a weak tongue posture.
I know it probably sounds silly, in fact typing it out here made me realize that it's probably not as bad as i'm playing it out in my mind. But intuitively, do you feel this is something to worry about? I feel like I'm alot uglier now, but maybe I'm just being delusional and overly worry prone because the people I've asked said they haven't noticed any change in my face in terms of bone prominence or shape.