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Posted by: Ryan
« on: July 04, 2018, 02:52:27 pm »

I wanted to reply here in this thread, but I think it would be fitting to make a new thread about this subject of how all these things are (possibly) interconnected with eachother. This would make it easier for anyone interested in it to find it, and also keep this thread on-topic for those not interested in it.

I must say I'm very glad you know about these sort of things too (like chakra's/mbti/face-body posture etc..) and also have interest in how they're all interconnected , but given you're an INTP too, it should not really surprise me (lol) . I was thinking about posting about such things in some mbti channel or so, but they of course have no clue what even a maxilla is, or that can even alter a face in the ways people have managed to do on this forum.
Posted by: Progress
« on: July 04, 2018, 06:49:26 am »

Good stuff. That is something I have thought about too and I agree with most of your observations. It seems like kind of a chicken-egg dilemma though. INTPs being preoccupied with the abstract and thus less in tune with their physical bodies, proper body posture may not be that intuitive to them. Or, is it because they are structurally weak that they are compensating by (or "trapped to") excessive intellectualism?

On the other hand, sensors who are aware of their body may find it it easy to naturally allow the energies within to keep the spine upright. When you are physically fit, athletic movements become fun to perform. All kinds of sports seem to become more enjoyable the better my anatomy becomes. I have also begun appreciating the physical dynamics of social interactions on deeper level. If someone is posturing in a dominant stance, I can mirror it and perceive how it achieves a sense of mutual respect. Likewise, if I assume  a confident stance right from the beginning of an interaction, I may find that other people take a more submissive stance. It's a fascinating whole new playground to conquer.

Neurotransmitters probably play a part in this. I think the cognitive activity of sensors is more oriented around stimulating neurotransmitters, which in turn gives the physical energy to stand upright. I have noticed that the few times I have taken recreational amphetamines my tongue is driving against palate very hard. Intuitives on the other hand may be oriented around calming neurotransmitters, which allow them to tune out and focus on the abstract.

The ancient system of Chakras and Maslow's hierarchy of needs are two systems that I have sought to fuse together with MBTI. The brain extends down the spine via the spinal cord and autonomous nervous system. More primal emotions and motivations are felt closer to the base of the spine (think of fight-or-flight, anxiety/fear, lust and dominance), and the more transcendental and abstract near the upper end of the skull. Each individual "lives through" a certain area of the nervous system. Could it be that the conscious energy of sensors is more focused around the hip area, and the conscious energy of intuitives more focused around the skull?

Posted by: Ryan
« on: June 29, 2018, 09:29:58 am »

Also INTP. I'm really into MBTI/the 16 personalites..I talk about it everyday

As far as Tyler, yes that was also the reason I thought he was an INFP

MBTI types on this forum

It would not surprise me if this forum had a high degree of Extroverted Intuition types (for those less known about the functions, these are INTP, INFP, ENTP, ENFP ) because they tend to be into novel ideas and experimenting (or at least are not afraid to experiment) . I think intuitive Te users would tend to first want to hear "scientific evicence", and would not really try to experiment on themselves, also because their Ni is much more hestiant when it comes to experimenting) . I'd guess most sensors will just find it odd, as long as it's not mainstream enough. Although I think they'd also accept it if a man in a white coat would tell them it works.

Although I mentioned extroverted intuition types being into such thing, now I think of it I do think ENFP's are generally too busy living in the moment to concentrate on such thing, nor being often enough on the internet to find this dump - but that's just an estimation)

Facial features & MBTI types related?

The odd but interesting thing is that that I seem to spot a pattern in facials proportions among people who are certain mbti type too. For example for INTP's it seems a very high degree of them have a long head, relative weak jaws and cheekbones, a relative long-ish nose and receded chin (basically a maxilla that retracted and somewhat rotated). At least a good degree of the ones I see online (youtube and such) and the ones I know in real life just often seem to have that specific type of face.
Also I wondered if facial proportions and MBTI-types do turn out to be correlated, whether these facial proportions are the cause of being a specific type or a consequence of being the type.

Possibly politically incorrect theory/idea for some viewers below

Because I seem to notice such a high degree of types like the INTP have such a retracted maxilla and thus certain facial proportions, I wonder if that is the thing that makes then on average have that typical INTP personality and the also the relative high IQ that seems to come with it.  If we look at east asians for example, who have the highest IQ's among the races according to statistics, they also appear to have about the about the most retracted maxilla's as far as it comes to ehtnicities. Although for east-asians their flatter facial structure seems to come naturally, for whites it seems they most often seem to get a more retracted/receded maxilla when they do things like mouthbreathing or for some other reason fail to develop their face as seems intended by nature. I have the impression the degree of INTP's in asia is higher too, although I do not have numbers to back that up. However, on average east asians seem quite introverted, thinkers and abstract (n), which could explain why the stereotype is that they're good at math (thinking abstractly).

If we look at how the different ethnicities on average look in terms of facial structure, it seems that the average pattern is that the ones who generally have the most retracted/receded maxilla's also seem to have the highest IQs on average (average east asians) , the ones with a "normal" maxilla average (average white), and the ones with very protruding maxilla's (average african) generally lower (IQ's all according to the statistics avaliable about them). Africans are are usually perceived to be the most talented when it comes to sports, which could be somehow related to their more forward maxilla's, which could make them more sensory based (in mbti terms) rather than abstract based (N in mbti). Sensors are on average more into sports and better at it (the ideal sport type is often described as ESTP/ISTP)

Gender dimorphism, hormones & facial structure

Another pattern I seem to notice in people when comparing their looks and their MBTI type, is that sensors more often have a higher degree gender dimorphism than intuitives. For those who are not familair with the term gender dimorphism, it is the extend to which the organism (in this case human) has changed from looking (and to a degree acting) like a child, towards looking like an adult in the typical gender-stereotypical way. This means that a high degree of diphormism makes boys change into typical manly looking men, and changes girls into looking like typical very feminine adult looking females. Gender diphormism comes from being somewhat high in gender typical hormones during puberty and changes the body and mind in that period. This means that it gives men a more typical manly build with wide shoulders,a thin waist, bigger jaws and chin, naturally a relative athletic build and generally a bigger head overal. (all because of facial and body bone growth). In a similar manner it changes girls into woman where the ass and thighs grow, the waste stays thin and breast grow bigger too. Both men and woman who have high diphormism generally look older than they are, because of the changes they had from looking like a child towards looking like an adult are big. When they are 15 they might look 18, while a person who had low diphormism will look somewhat young for their age for a large portion of their life (untill wrinkes appear which give away age)

MBTI & gender diphormism

When looking at MBTI types and diphormism, it seems that sensors have higher diphormism and intuitives lower. One might wonder why is the case, as sensors do not appear more mature in every way (they do in some). I wondered if this was related to the age at which the child hits puberty. There have been studies that show that the later a child hits puberty, the smarter they generally become on average . I think that sensors get into puberty early, while intuitives generally get into puberty later. This older age that the child get's into puberty, allows the child's mind to develop longer and thus becomes smarter , while gender diphormism in the form of puberty finalises the amount that the brain is developed biologically. So with early puberty, the person will grow into adulthood earlier too, but at the expense of intelligence. It only seems that early puberty results in a bigger change in gender diphormism, possibly because the total age at which the body is programmed to be able to change is limited. Later puberty possibly means that the puberty is shorter too , which results in a lower degree of gender diphormism

When looking around in your environment, you may notice that men who do less intelligence based typical manual labour jobs (mbti sensor), way more often have that stereotypical manly look about them, in terms of body and facetype, while the absolute opposite, the smart geek/nerd (mbti intuitive) will tend to look somewhat young in both their face and body development (bones). While most people are obviously somehere in between these 2 extremes, it appears that where they are on the spectrum of being in between these 2 stereotypes, does seem to indicate their level of (abstract)intelligence in a lot of cases.

Intelligence & accomplishment

Please note that when I talk about intelligence here, I talk about a specific type of intelligence, which is close to the IQ(-test) type of intellgence. Of course everyone is intelligence in different ways and IQ just basically measures one type of intelligence. While jobs are to a degree are somewhat of an indicator of IQ- type of intelligence, often other things also play a big role in achieving something like a high status jobs, such as being hardworking, perseverance, confidence, money, being goal orientated etc. So when I talk about high intelligence, I mean raw IQ type of intelligence and not having a high status job, because these are 2 quite different things.

Please note that these are just my sujective thoughts about the subjects, and in this particular case I am talking about averages when I mention things and not individuals,
Posted by: Progress
« on: June 28, 2018, 02:30:30 pm »

Ha, I used to be deep into MBTI and Jungian psychology too and I agree with Ryan that you are a clear INFP Tyler. I think the most obvious signs are how you can write to such extent about your experiences, and the authentic way you express yourself. Your gaze also seems gentle yet intelligent in a way that is often prevalent among intuitive feelers.

What's your type Ryan? I seem to fall somewhere along the NT axis, probably INTP.

Posted by: Tyler
« on: June 26, 2018, 12:05:45 pm »

It looks to me like, because the lighting is similar, that my face did not even change drastically much between this more recent 'after' pic and my very first 'before' pic, and yet somehow the shift is just there because things look more proportionally balanced and proportionally beautiful.

Posted by: Tyler
« on: June 26, 2018, 12:04:01 pm »

I noticed that what you're writing is true too. It doesn't seem to be gigantic changes that make us look much more aesthetically beautiful; it's often just a slight shift or adjustment.

I noticed from my own recent pic (where I'm wearing a purple hoodie and holding a broom), that as of late my actual facial features are much the same as my very first pic (the old one in which I had orange hair). I noticed that my facial features have not strongly changed much, but simply my jaw and the overall proportional balance of my skull and so on did.

I'm not sure it is really even solely from face-pulling, but suspect it may just be because of my overall striving to cultivate my health, purify my body, and give it a lot of nutrients and so on. Plus, eating fibrous foods means I actually get a work out for my teeth, so I feel that this actually has been quite massively helpful  ;D
Posted by: Tyler
« on: June 26, 2018, 12:00:25 pm »

Yes actually, when I took that test, INFP is the result that I got. How did you discern that?
Posted by: Ryan
« on: June 26, 2018, 10:20:39 am »

Hey Tyler,
I've not been on this forum for a while. I just wanted to say if you have problems with these photoshopped pics I posted here for comparison purposes, you can always send me a message (should get in my email) and I'll remove them .They remain your pictures of course.
Also I wanted to point out that while I was working on the adaptions of your and plato's improvement pics for making them more similar in colors and such for comparison purposes, although they now look more similar because of style, I have stared at them for quite some type while adapting the pictures. And although the change in a face may not be the most obvious to pinpoint, I did clearly see and still see a clear difference between the 2 pics. They're not big differences that alter a face so that it seems someone else, but when it comes to facial aesthetics seemingly small changes in a face can have quite a big effect on how aesthetic the face is perceived and thus 'is'. Most humans as a whole look somewhat similar, especially if they're the same (pure) race. it's the slighter changes that make the difference. Since you a good face already, it means that while you progress, the changes are not gonna be as huge as a face with an incredibly retrated maxilla for example that needs to be resolved. So in that sense, you're already in a "luxery position" of not having to deal with such a big problem.
If you're interested I can always try to make a comparison adaption again for your newer pic with some of the older ones who have the same angle of lights and same camera angle

By the way, I've lately became more interested in MBTI, and wondered if you're an INFP?

Related to your topic of calcium and such, I found it a huge concidence that I've not been on this forum for monthssss and today and yesterday I've been reading about magnesium/calcium and the problem of calcification (which possibly causes health issues as bad sleep etc etc). And for some reason I felt like going to this forum today and read that you were looking into a somewhat similar topic as well. I'd say what a coincidence (but my girlfriend would say "no, it's meant to be...its a sign!" However it may be, it's an interesting topic as well
Posted by: Tyler
« on: March 30, 2018, 10:44:04 am »

Also, please don't go and post my photos in other places - I give no one persmission to post my photos in other forums or online communities.

I do not actually want to be known as some "Internet guy"or as some success story to be circulated around the Internet for people who are rude and skeptical to insult me, or who may simply use my photos to boast about how face-pulling is "totally real" - especially since even I'm just an explorer here myself, who joined this community in order to test what is within the realm of possibility without preconceptions about what could be done.

If people are not ready to investigate the truth openly and receptively without prejudices and preconceptions, or if all they are prepared to do is mock and slander and insult, then don't bother them or show of my photos to try and convince them. It won't work in any case, and it just invites stress and headache.

I just share my pics in the spirit of a community forum, and to hopefully illustrate to those who are uncertain or full of doubts that things are actually possible - with striving and effort.

It is not an invitation, nor permission, to go and form new forums where my photos are collected as some kind of bizarre online museum.

Posted by: Tyler
« on: March 30, 2018, 08:26:21 am »

I'm here trying to upload some pics from just a moment ago, taken in my house ... It is really hard to take effective comparative pics - lighting and distance from the camera can really make a significant impact on the face's appearance.

Anyway, I feel it is really irresponsible to simply make my own experience an endorsement of face-pulling now, or of NCR or whatever. It is not, although I don't discredit those methods either - all I mean is that, my own experience has come from so many different factors, it would be irresponsible of me to simply say, "NCR/face-pulling is a miracle and did everything for me".Today, my experience is more just a general endorsement of the truth of the creational potential of humans, meaning ... where there's a will to look more proportionally beautiful, there's a way. And my own tools have been, to varying unknown degrees, nutrition, changing my sleep habits, performing sufficient manual labour for fitness, a bit of cranium adjustment (ie. facepulling or even just shutting my nostrils and blowing really hard to try and puff out my skull lol - I really wanted it, as you can possibly tell).

Also, what I am certain has undoubtedly also played a role, are: healing ulcers within my body, removing some toxins from my bodily tissues, nourishing my thyroid gland, re-building my immune system, paying a few dollars extra each time to provide my body with real cream products instead of cheaper dairy, and possibly some other things. It appears almost fully certain that also, WORKING OUT my jaw to very, very thoroughly chew all of my meat has helped - possibly in a twofold way of 1st) strengthening and subtly widening my jaw, and 2nd) making the meat protein readily digestible so that the protein matter could then actually effectively be absorbed into my physicality and not just cause digestive problems and then pass out partly unused.

What I will still be aiming to heal about my own body this year (2018): tired, weak blood (anaemia), vitamin B deficiency, iron deficiency, chelating some more heavy metals, healing my gastro-intestinal tract, supplying some amino acids for the correct formation of new muscle masses and proteins, and generally other vitamins and elements required for the constitution of the body.

IN FULL, it means: work on the body, and make it back into a proper vessel of digestion and nourishment utilisation again (as it was created and evolved to be), where what is eaten goes in, gets used efficiently, and then passes out of the body.

I can't simply endorse face-pulling or let my poor quality pics be mis-used for that purpose anymore, but am able to say that, in my experience, with everything working together, it is possible to win results.

To really get some great quality comparative pics is really turning out to be just, beyond my skill. I am no professional doctor or photographer.

But my pics, shared here from varying lighting styles and at varying camera lens distances, I think is just a good general presentation of how proportional beauty can come to those who have a sincere volition and who are willing to make the effort to truly work on their body. And as the body is cultivated and purified, things somehow just sort of appear to just .. adjust naturally on their own, even the skull. There may not really even a huge need for these NCR/face-pulling/mewing systems, although I am not discrediting them either.

These are all taken from within the same month or so to each other, just under different lighting and sometimes the camera is a few centimeters closer to my face or whatever - hence it is a bit like a "fun house mirror" illusion. Be warned about that, and aware of it. But a few pics are provided to show a general idea from different common angles and so on.

So it is my documentation, albeit quite poor if I'm being honest about it, of how I'm still progressing - and really anyone can do it. But, please do not message me asking for advice because I have had to work very hard and learn very much, so I really cannot advise you or anyone personally.

The Internet is open and knowledge is freely available, though. We live in a Golden Age, even if it may not appear like it because of the constant barrage of negative powers via news and the misery of other human beings.

We live, nevertheless, in a true Golden Age despite all of the misery and tumult, because vast encyclopaedias worth of knowledge is available to anyone free on the Internet, and whereas in the past, a man had to be content with folk wisdom ... today, if a humans want to learn how and why this or that ingredient found inside of a product may help, he does not have to rely on reviews and cross his fingers. He can go into the Internet and study everything for himself, and obtain a certain answer.
Posted by: Tyler
« on: March 30, 2018, 07:40:09 am »

For me, the next challenge is just to get my own face to continue building up mass, but I have a nourishment project in the works right now.

I drop in every so often just to post an update or whatever since, I like this kind of project and I want to help.

When my project is come through, then I'll come back to post an update again.
Posted by: Tyler
« on: March 30, 2018, 07:35:15 am »

Hi all,

Just dropping in to collect that old pic of mine.

I need to set the record straight as I've gotten more aware of things - my own photo comparison is not really showing a drastic effect from face-pulling, since it actually was just different lighting giving an impression of a strongly altered face.

I am still making progress anyway, right now through nourishment and internally cleansing my body, and just occasionally doing face-pulling to feel when I might help things along to shift. But I am clear enough in my head now to see that my own "photographic proof" was really just wishful thinking on my own part, and a certain amount of self-deluding. I was young and living in a lot of stress, so I'll give myself the leniency and forgiveness.

In any case, here attached is me from very recent in a photo with very similar lighting to my very first one, to show how my face is, in some ways, pretty close to the same - and yet, in a subtle way, it is improved by a whole lot. To me, it appears to often be the case that millimeters of shift can be the key to proportional beauty.

What I'm learning is, to attain our proportional beauty really takes our own self-awareness to discern what our body actually lacks ... it should not just be "follow this guy's program" or "do exactly as he did". It should be our own self-aware approach, crafted from our own developed self-awareness of what our body is most likely to require.

So, just trying to set the record straight.

Have a good one :) Keep on progressing
Posted by: DS_Slash
« on: November 16, 2015, 11:27:40 am »

Great Work Ryan

Now you can see the differences even better. Both got great results. You can really see how their faces got more masculine and more 3d and are a lot more appealing now. There cheek bones are much bigger and much more promiment and their faces are generally more squared. Tylers brow ridge even seems to have improved some in those pictures. There is one really impressive picture of Tyler in his Self-NCR diary on page two I think, you might want to check that out.

My results are pretty similar. My face comes forward and all my features are much more promiment and 3d. My cheek bones especially the right one with the couple of times of NCR is much bigger. My face looks much more masculine and attractive. I look forward to what changes I will encounter in the future. Hopefully I will be able to get the NCR done soon again. Tried it just a couple of minutes ago without success again.
Posted by: Ryan
« on: November 16, 2015, 06:41:34 am »

And here are tylers comparison improvement pictures!



Posted by: Ryan
« on: November 16, 2015, 06:40:01 am »

Hi Guys,

Since Plato and Tyler are some of the people who had the most visible results, I thought it would be interesting to adapt (Photoshop) their before and after pictures to make it easier to compare their results (before and after)

To make their results more easily visible for the eye, I tried to adapt the things that made their before and after pictures different in their setup

I adapted:

- The colors
- The contrast
- The darkness
- Their hairstyles (give them the same style in before and after)
- The background
- Picture sizes, if needed
- Reduced the smile in the before picture of tyler

Total of 4 Pictures are included:              (EDIT: I put tylers pictures in the next reply since it's attachments are too big to fit in here)

- Plato before
- Plato after
- Tyler before
- Tyler after

I hope you guys like it