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Hi everyone,

You can let us know a little bit about you in this thread. Feel free to share whatever you'd like, don't be afraid to express yourself! Jump in, this is a place for collaboration and community.


Hi Kabaraz,

I am from NC, USA. I first saw your post on PA forums and thats how I went to your website. Absolutely great information that you have there.
From there I came to know about Orgonite - It get me so much interested in the stuff.
Also, your recipes for toothpaste is great as well. Trying different things now.

I so wanted to send you email from there, I want to know more about facial symmetry and all. I know you have listed some devices which can help but without any instructions or help, I won't be able to use them.
Another thing is : I don't have any issues with my jaw/teeth - so I can certainly live without doing this -  but just was curious if that can do me any good.
thanks for all your good work.
see you around here

Great, thanks for the first post!  ;D Orgonite is an awesome invention isn't it?  Have you been buying orgonite or making your own and have you noticed any effects from it so far?

By the way, for information about the therapy please email me at I'll tell you everything you'll need to know, and probably more. haha.

Hi Brother,

I did no yet made any orgonite myself - I bought couple from Ebay --  and I bought all the stuff to make orgonite myself- copper wire--metal scraps--molds--polyester fiber etc.
just been so busy lately -- will let you know.

I can't say if I noticed much difference from the orgonite that I bought from ebay - when I make my own- will let you know.

I will definitely send you email tomorrow sometime on the facial symmetry.

Absolutely appreciate your hard work on awakening others...
I will do my best to support you.


Thanks mars, appreciate the kind words

Yeah, the unfortunate part about orgonite is that some people don't construct it correctly, so some devices do not work, and much of the evidence for its benefits is anecdotal. Still, obviously a very large number of people, like myself, feel and see it working and based on my experience with it I definitely want it on my site. The effects on chemtrails ("chembusting"/"cloudbusting") alone is fascinating and makes it worthy of mention. I wear a pendant 24/7, and when I have been without it for a significant period of time I notice how drained and imbalanced I become.  Have you seen any Kirlian photography using orgonite? Do you know where to buy pine tar resin? I've heard it increases the effect (I cannot verify or authenticate this)

Wish you luck, of course you can always email me.


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