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Re: Welcome (introduce yourself)
« Reply #60 on: November 27, 2014, 10:05:39 pm »
Hi everyone!

I first want to say, that I am extremely grateful for the people here and for this website. I have suffered from mouth breathing and nose congestion throughout my entire life. I am now 27. Because of this, I am depressed about my facial appearance. I always knew something was never right in my face but never could pin point exactly why.  After watching a video from Dr. Mike Mew it is crystal clear why. I have everything he described, that being flat cheek bones, long face, receding chin, big nose, and a weak jawline. I would post a photo, but I don't feel comfortable doing so. Maybe I will privately to users who can help me.

After watching Dr. Mew's videos it gave me hope and I started searching methods and found out that face pulling seems to be showing the most results. I would like assistance on creating a pulling device or if any one has simple thumb pulling methods I'd greatly appreciate it. I am planning on getting an online consultation with Dr. Mew, but so far from all his videos, he pretty much has described what needs to be done. But at this point I am desperate and would like his opinion.

I currently have been chewing hard gum, eating harder foods, and go every week to have ROLFING done (which has dramatically changed my posture for the better) Interesting enough, she did something similar to face pulling. She did at one point stick her thumbs in my mouth and pulled. I don't remember which direction exactly, and she also pulled around my cheeks. But she was doing it for different reasons. Not for Maxilla growth.

So I'm here for guidance and help. I'm very sure I can bring back the face that has been hiding under my vertical face growth.

I am determined and fortunately since I work mostly at home, I can wear any crazy contraption pretty much all day.

I am grateful for everyone's input and experiences.
I thank you all.