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Re: Welcome (introduce yourself)
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Hello! Apologies for my poor English as I'm not a native speaker.
Finding this forum and and endulging myself with all it's information has been like a ray of light breaking through a brickwall of despair and I would very much like to thank everyone who has contributed.

Over the past few years I have been feeling very self conscious about my appearance to the point where it's made it impossible for me to look even my own family members in the eye let alone going to social events and approaching new people. I always look tired and unhappy, my face sags and my smile reminds me of a scene in the Simpsons where mr. Burns' smile scares a bus load of school children who refer to him as the boogeymans grandfather. I tried losing weight, I practiced smiling in front of the mirror, tried sucking in my cheeks to make my features seem more pronounced. Nothing worked but clearly something was wrong. This all changed after I saw a picture of me and my friends. I despise the idea of having my picture taken (the only reason why I don't have any social media profiles) but seeing myself from another persons perspective the problem was obvious.

The left side of my face is flatter than the right, my jaw is crooked and I have a receding chin. Luckily this appears to be "self inflected" damage with poor tongue posture as my arches are round and of pretty normal width and I have never had any teeth pulled out. The only orthodontic work I had as a kid was this nightguard which was used to push my front teeth up in to my gums as a cure for a deep bite. And I don't recall ever being a mouth breather.

The effects of poor tongue posture are even more evident when you look at my teeth. My back teeth have worn down to just basically gums due to my palate dropping down. My upper front teeth are pointing directly down and my a half of my bottom front teeth are pointing slightly backwards. Kinda like the left side of my mandible wanted to go forward but my upper front teeth wouldn't allow it, causing the bending.

I honestly didn't get any sleep last night due to the sheer excitement for finding the cure and knowing the parts of my face pulling mechanism are in the mail right now just brings butterflies to my stomach. And feeling a light sense of pressure all over my midface for keeping my teeth together, lips together, tongue on the roof of my mouth just feels awesome in a strange way. Which surprisingly happens very naturally for me.

I am also very interested in self ncr and I would be eternally grateful to anyone willing to help me find the protocol. I found the link to Bens site but it appears to be disabled leaving me to wonder if the paypal payment unlocks the information here:

Apparently it took me so long to type this that the site logged me off.