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Re: Welcome (introduce yourself)
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I am Zoe, nice to meet you. I am a complete newbie when it comes to NCR and whatnot, don't laugh at me, promise? :)

Anyway, why am I here?
I am here because my face is EXTREMELY asymmetrical, and beyond that, I believe that the fundamentals of NCR might help relieve it to some degree in the future. My face is asymmetrical to a noticeable and immense degree, to the point where I look almost deformed in some photographs. The two sides of my face look super different, in terms of eyelids, eye size, under eyes, cheek bones, forehead, jaw etc etc...
This is because my mum is a psychopath. So, I have had a traumatic life so far, including countless illnesses exacerbated by my mum's non presence and non care in addition to malnutrition because children don't need food right?

It was bad.

So what is the state of things, and what can I do about it?

My teeth are in  a sorry state. More teeth were removed from the right side than the left causing a relative facial collapse. This was completely avoidable but my mother decided to let me be in agony for months instead.
So I think two implants on the right side will help support my facial structure and reduce the rate of collapse. It is feasible that my left side would catch up with my right if I only put implants in the right.

I have an overbite/overjet, untreated because children don't need care right? And I cannot treat it, because the NHS in England won't  cover it, and I cannot afford it.  This causes my upper lips to protrude, and the incisor protrusion is not uniform causing my upper lip to look asymmetrical. To fix this I would have to line up the two front incisors somehow. Any ideas? Fixing this, and the implants, might cause my nostrils to level out a bit.

Facial collapse on one side can cause a deviation of the septum, which has happened, and may have been exacerbated by nasal congestion in the past. I can't do anything about this right now. Though I know there are ways to deal with that in the future. 

And what does NCR have to do with this?

Well, I have noticed that my forehead is not leveled, that is to say the right side of my forehead has a bump and is jutting out somewhat. I think this is partly responsible for the differences in eye size, and eye lids.

I wonder if my mum dropped on my head as a baby and told no one? I wouldn't put it past her.

Anyway, so my reasoning is that if NCR allows cranial movement, and this bump is not natural, my forehead and subsequently my eyelids might level out. This would be a small gain in symmetry, and every little helps in my case.

The problem might be the overjet, if the maxilla moves forward, and my mandible doesn't move to suit, it could get worse?

implants + future braces (including flaring of lower teeth, and expansion of upper palate) + NCR = improvement?

That's the idea anyway. What do you guys think?

I have attached a picture below so you can get a rosy tinted view of the asymmetry, but I would never let you see me not smiling, for I do not have the guts.