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Re: Welcome (introduce yourself)
« on: June 19, 2012, 05:35:28 pm »
Yeah if you don't have comfrey or nettles growing near where you live - go to a health food store, a food cooperative or something like that.  They sell it in bulk, comfrey usually around 20-25$ per pound, but you can easily skate by with 3-6oz of it.  Same thing with nettles.

The quantities on amazon are very high but there are no smaller quantities available at a decent price.

Hey Guys,
Yesterday I ordered Comfrey and Nettle leaf powder from a website  - its
I got 8 oz each -  for $8/each  and shipping was around $7  --  so 8oz of each with total cost of  $22 ... pretty good...   what do you say ??

I cannot wait to try this
I also ordered the Dr. Woods Black Soap 32 Oz  from amazon.... so its coming soon too.

Is there any ratio that I should mix in ?   

I started applying  a mixture of coconut oil + honey + avocado

Any other recipe to re-grow hair ??